Flagstaff Council votes to not raise the property tax rate.

There seems to be a lot of inaccurate information circulating about City Council’s June 19th decision not to raise Flagstaff residents’ and businesses’ property tax rate. Here are a few facts that people should know:

1. The June 19th vote kept the property tax rate at 2012 levels. This will leave $270,887 in the hands of the residents and businesses of Flagstaff to use as they please.

2. The budget remains balanced and Flagstaff will have a fund balance (reserve) of $8,157,759. No cuts to anything from the previous Council’s adopted 2013 budget is required for the budget to remain balanced.

3. Flagstaff will still have an 18.7% fund balance and as stated by the City Manager, “we do not see decreasing the Fund Balance from 19.4% to 18.7% affecting our bond rating”.

Bottom line. No Tax rate increase. Balanced budget. No cuts needed to maintain balanced budget. Bond rating not negatively affected.

I take my duties as your Council Representative very seriously. That is why prior to my vote on June 19th I gathered the above information in order to make an informed and prudent decision. Keeping $270,887 in the taxpayers hands while still maintaining an $8,157,759 reserve, a balanced budget, no cuts to the 2013 adopted budget and a solid bond rating is a win, win for everyone in Flagstaff.

Councilman Jeff Oravits

One thought on “Flagstaff Council votes to not raise the property tax rate.

  1. Worst fire season in history and you hit the reserves, brillant. I hope the voters someday come to their senses about the short sighted tea party candidates they elect

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