Bond Questions & Civil Rights Ordinance

Tomorrows Council meeting includes a discussion on three bond questions that may be on the November ballot.  The three projects total $68,000,000 and the potential for bonding (borrowing) of $29,000,000 to $43,000,000 over time.  Our maximum borrowing amount currently only allows for $29,000,000.  Current bonds are set to start retiring over the next several years. Staff is proposing to leave the secondary property tax rate flat and extend it for 20 years so that the City can issue new bonds as the old debt is paid off.

The projects include forest restoration and thinning ($10,000,000 project cost and bond), City Courthouse ($24,500,000 project cost and up to $14,000,000 bond) and a City Maintenance Yard ($33,500,000 project cost & up to $19,000,000 bond). Tomorrow night is a discussion only and Council will decide at the July 17th meeting wether or not to put all, some or none of the bond questions on the November ballot.

Also on tomorrow’s agenda is a discussion on a proposed Civil Rights Ordinance.  This ordinance would “address local protections for people of various classes in areas of employment, public accommodation” and “includes protection on the basis of sexual orientation and gender identity”.  This is a discussion item and no vote will be taken tomorrow night however Council may discuss wether or not to continue to move forward with this ordinance or table it.

I have also requested a discussion on A Frame signs and this will be on the agenda for the July 17th meeting.  I have heard from many in the community that want to allow A Frame signs on private (commercial) property more frequently as long as they meet certain design standards.  The new Land Development Code is allowing the A Frame signs for 60 days per year if you get a free permit from City Hall.  A Frame signs have been shown to be highly successful in increasing business traffic.

Tomorrows (July 10th) Council Meeting is at 5:30.  Public comment is allowed in the beginning and during each agenda item.

2 thoughts on “Bond Questions & Civil Rights Ordinance

  1. I object to the council deigning classes upon the people.
    I object to their intrusion upon state and federal matters, and think their efforts aught be better spent with efficiently managing the city, routing out appearances of corruption, and allowing businesses to spawn freely–Rather than use the “dais ” to “save the world”, they need to “serve the citizens” by simply doing their jobs.
    Let Augustus, Socrates, and Ban Ki-moon do their jobs. Let the council DO THEIRS.
    (Busy-bodied-ADD-control-freaks, that they are, should stop staring out of the window, and learn how to add and subtract, having found themselves outside of the auditorium, and into the real working world.)
    Thank you.

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