Important Council Meeting July 17th

The upcoming July 17th 5:30PM Council Meeting will be a very busy meeting. On the agenda will be the three proposed bond questions. Council will decide that night whether or not to place up to three bonds potentially worth $29,000,000 for projects totaling up to $65,000,000 on the November ballot. This includes a $33,000,000 maintenance yard, a $23,000,000 Court House and a $10,000,000 forest thinning project. Also on the agenda is the possible approval of a lease for the proposed snow play area on McMillan Mesa. The big question on this lease will be lighting for the snow play area and parking lot.

Your input and participation is always appreciated.

4 thoughts on “Important Council Meeting July 17th

    1. Joy,
      It is my understanding that this is a 100% private venture. The City is leasing the land to the private operator and the company is paying for all the operations and improvements & running the day to day operations.

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