New Council, New Priorities, New Direction

A New Direction & New Priorities…

After a recent two day Flagstaff City Council Policy retreat, our city has new priorities and a new direction. These policies represent a shift to more balanced and attainable goals focusing on things such as infrastructure, new budgeting principals and core city services.

    Meeting Notice!
    Tomorrow City Council will vote on the snow play area. Please come on out and voice your opinion. September 4, 2012, 5:30PM at City Hall.

1. Repair, replace & maintain infrastructure.
Myself & Mayor Nabours have been pushing hard for this. We need over $50,000,000 just to bring our streets to an acceptable standard. Time to focus on our infrastructure!
2. Fund existing recreation services.
3. Address maintenance facility.
4. Complete Rio De Flag Flood Control Project.
(This is in the works and is under Federal control but we agreed to continue to push for it. It will take many years to complete.)
5. Retain, expand and diversify economic base.
(This was very vague, so I pushed for things such as, “by implementing business friendly policies, stream lining permitting processes and, after a heated discussion, reviewing certain departments such as the Economic Vitality Division.
6. Complete Water Policy.
7. Review Pension Situation.
A great suggestion by Mayor Nabours.
8. Review Commissions
The number of commissions, including maybe adding special commissions such as Charter Review and Budget.
9. Zoning Code Analysis.
Adjustments should be made to the code more often. Example: sign code.
10. MY FAVORITE and something I’ve been pushing hard for a long time, Develop an ongoing budget process.
We all agreed that we will review the budget including ongoing projects and departments at a work session no less than once a month. For example, how do we allocate BBB funds, do we fund outside agencies, how much money does infrastructure need. I suggested and council approved “division presentations”. This will be a great opportunity to hear from various divisions, ask questions and make suggestions.

New Mission..
The mission statement has been revised and reads:
‘To protect and enhance the quality of life of its citizens’

The Vision Statement has also been revised. It used to read:

‘The City of Flagstaff will be a sustainable, safe and vibrant community retaining the character, high quality of life and charm of a small town. Flagstaff will offer economic opportunities, educational choices, attainable housing, a protected environment and cultural and career opportunities to a diverse population.’

It now reads:
‘The City of Flagstaff is a safe, diverse, vibrant and innovative community with a unique character and high quality of life. The City fosters and supports a balance of economic, environmental, educational and cultural opportunities.’

You’ll notice some significant changes, a few significant words removed and the word opportunities at the end. I’m very pleased with the changes and Flagstaffs new focus and direction.


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