Snow play area approved!

The Sno Park lease was approved by the Flagstaff City Council by a 4-2 vote. Lighting hours of operation were removed from the lease and will be determined through the CUP (conditional use permit) process in Planning & Zoning.

The proposed privately run snow play area is to be on McMillan Mesa, behind Coconino High School. The lease was approved with the absence of night lighting or operating hours. The developers have indicated they will ask for lighting during the CUP process with the planning and zoning commission. If all goes well, we could see the snow play area open next winter.

As many of you know, I have been an ardent supporter of this project. I support the use of night lighting and have found the plan the developers have put forth for lighting to be reasonable and a fair compromise. Before the change of the lease, since Councilman Woodson had to recuse himself from the vote, we were dead locked at 3-3 on the lighting issue. I would have preferred to see the lighting issue completely resolved last night but decided to approve the contract without the mention of lighting in order to give the developer the opportunity to have lighting through a conditional use permit with P&Z.

This project will be a great addition to our local economy serving the needs of both local families and visitors. It is too bad that it has to be so hard to open a new business in Flagstaff. We’ve got a long way to go to making Flagstaff a more business friendly community and this long, drawn out process proves it. I’m committed to making Flagstaff a more business friendly community so the residents of Flagstaff have the opportunity to prosper.

Good luck on your business venture gentlemen. I look forward to bringing my family to the Flagstaff Sno Park.

2 thoughts on “Snow play area approved!

  1. It’s encouraging to see Karla Brewster and Scott overton support this great recreation project. It’s hard to understand why anyone would reject it since it does not violate the dark skies ordinance.

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