9/22_Week In Review

The last thing we need is more “law makers” making a career by creating more laws telling you what to do, what not to do, how to think or how not to think. What we need is individual liberty, personal responsibility and common sense which include your right to make good and bad decisions.
Our next Flagstaff City Council Work-session is on Tuesday, September 25 at 5:30PM at City Hall. On the agenda is a discussion on a Gay Civil Rights Ordinance and a presentation by Salt Lake City Mayor Ralph Becker on their implementation of this law.
In October, Council has two retreats. One is a “team building” retreat in which the City Managers former professor will be facilitating the 8 hour event for $5,000. Readers of my blog are already aware of my stern objections to this use of tax dollars. See the picture below of the condition of some of our city sidewalks. How many sidewalks could be repaired with $5,000?

The other retreat is our first Budget Retreat in which I hope to address our City’s spending practices and I hope to encourage fiscal restraint & responsibility.
I was pleased to have the opportunity to attend the dedication by Govenor Jan Brewer of the new Math Center at NAU. Also in attendance was Mayor Nabours as well as AZ House Members Chester Crandell and Brenda Barton among many others.
Upcoming Noteworthy Meetings
9/25_CAC Steering Committee, City Hall, 10:30AM
9/25_Council Work-session, City Hall 5:30PM
9/27_Regional Plan Meeting, 3:30PM, Aqua Plex

Upcoming Events
9/29_Tea Party Express, 4:30PM, McCoy Motors. Guest Speaker.



5 thoughts on “9/22_Week In Review

  1. Your thoughts and insights on the spending of tax payer monies on “retreats” is spot on! Keep up the good representation Jeff!

  2. Just wondering…. this retreat you mentioned….. “One is a “team building” retreat in which the City Managers former professor will be facilitating the 8 hour event for $5,000″ Did the council vote for the expenditure of $5K for this retreat/presentation?

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