Thank you for taxing me. Weekly Roundup 9/27…by Jeff Oravits

“Thank you for taxing me”!
This was a comment made by a constituent who was sincerely thanking the City Council for taxing her.

So here’s just a few things that your tax dollars have gone to in just the three months I’ve been on Council.

$10,000 to remodel a customer service counter.
$5,000 for a council team building retreat, read more.
$69 to rent a van, despite the fact the city owns several vans.
Hundreds to bring the Mayor of Salt Lake City to promote a Gay Civil Rights Ordinance. Skype is free.
Hundreds on food for Council Retreats.

I am against frivolous spending of our tax dollars. I will continue to push for sensible fiscal policies at City Hall. We’ve got a ways to go.
Prop 204

“I think all taxes should have a sunset clause”. I stated at a recent meeting.

What did I mean by this? Well it seems that whenever we get a new tax, it never goes away. Even Arizona’s 1 cent temporary sales tax that is set to expire this year is now being pushed as a permanent tax through Prop 204. Every tax should have a sunset so that the voters and/or policy makers can decide if that tax is appropriate and still needed. This includes property tax and sales tax.

Prop 204 is a referendum initiated by a group of Arizonans that want to make the “temporary” 1 cent sales tax that the legislature passed a few years ago a “permanent” tax. Let me be clear, I am 100% opposed to this tax! Our nation is taxed to death. We’ve got gas taxes, rental taxes, property taxes, income taxes, social security, medicare taxes, taxes to fly, taxes to drive, taxes to eat, fees on this and that and on and on. The worst tax we have of all is inflation which is perpetuated by devaluation of our currency by the government and unelected bureaucrats, affecting many millions of people in the worst way of all, destroying their savings and eating away at their earnings. We don’t need another tax, we need better fiscal policies and a sound monetary policy.

I’ll be voting no on Prop 204 and I’ll thank you for not taxing me.

I will be voting for Jared Holland for the FUSD School Board. Jared is a small business owner in Flagstaff and understands the need for fiscally responsible polices. Here is a link to his information.
Our next Flagstaff City Council Meeting is on Tuesday, October 2nd at 5:30PM at City Hall. On the agenda is a discussion and possible vote on adding a new member to the regional plan advisory commission. I wrote about the Regional Plan here.
Upcoming Items of Interest:
1. Adding a new member to the Regional Plan Citizens Advisory Commission. If interested, you’ll need to submit a commissions application by Monday, October 1.
2. Civil Rights Ordiancne. This is a non discrimination ordinance primarily intended for the LGBT community. You can provide input to Council on this and any matters by emailing Council or calling tel:(928)213-2015
Upcoming Events

• 9/29_Rally, 4:30PM, McCoy Motors. Guest Speaker.

• Thursday, October 4th, 7:45-9:00AM
Coffee with Councilman Jeff Oravits
White Dove Coffee, 2211 E. 7th Ave., Flagstaff
Open to everyone.

• Thursday, October 18th, 7:30-9:00AM
Coffee with Councilman Jeff Oravits
Continental Country Club, 2380 N Oakmont Dr.
Open to everyone.

• Thursday, November 1st, 7:30-9:00AM
Coffee with Councilman Jeff Oravits
Miz Zip’s, 2924 E. Rt 66
Open to everyone.
Pics Below:
Prop 204 Forum
Fire Training Facility
Links to other noteworthy stories;
Legislative Debates & Campaign Signs Stolen by Joe Ferguson.
Food Freedom Ordinance by Flag Indie Press.




5 thoughts on “Thank you for taxing me. Weekly Roundup 9/27…by Jeff Oravits

  1. Thanks for your stance on FUTS. Your driving home the point that we are making trade-offs for luxuries we can’t afford right now. Keep it up Jeff, pragmatic minded people are out here supporting you.

  2. You can read from the UN links, or from 3rd party sources, how ICLEI operatives (i.e. Roger Eastman) stack staged council meetings across the nation. Of course, in order to accomplish this, the local councils must be trained in the process. Once a local council has learned and used such techniques, it is no longer sane to consider any event or development, in any agenda or meeting as a happenstance or misunderstanding, when such a happening is ridiculous or nonsensical on its face. (A sane help for the problem is to replace all council members ever involved in such actions.)

    Let the city open a special deposit account for voluntary donations to the general fund–This will accommodate said citizen, and provide a tangible basis for public feelings on the matter.

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