Prop 406. Maintenance Facility. $14,000,000 Bond. $40,000,000 Price Tag.

$14 million in new debt, nearly $40 million in estimated cost and an increase in your property taxes, that’s the economic reality of proposition 406, the Core Services Maintenance Facility, if approved by Flagstaff voters on November 6.

Q: Amount to be borrowed?
A: $14,000,000.

Q: Interest on the loan?
A: Around $12,000,000.

Q: Total cost of project with interest?
A: About $40,000,000. An estimated $28,000,000 for land & improvements, and $12,000,000 in interest.

Q: Increase in property taxes?
A: Yes.

This is the cost to build a new maintenance yard, or as the City has renamed it after it failed overwhelmingly in 2010, the Core Services Maintenance Facility.

The proposed site is in West Flagstaff, across from the Home Depot.
Some info on the project:
• Nearly $1,000,000 per acre purchase price.
• Over $12,000,000 in improvements needed after purchase.
• Located in far West Flagstaff.
• Prime commercial property being taken off the tax roll.
• An average of over $400,000 per year interest
• About $12,000,000 in interest over 25 years thus bringing the estimated project total to nearly $40,000,000
• No appraisal on the property, just one sealed bid.

I admit, the current maintenance yard has some severe shortcomings. The buildings are old, the lot is not as large as we’d like and it is in a residential area of Flagstaff. But is spending nearly $40,000,000 during these uncertain economic times the best idea? I’m confident we can find a more reasonable solution.

And what about our other pressing needs as a community? We need over $50,000,000 just to bring our roads up to an acceptable standard. And how about our sidewalks and our aging and crumbling utility lines?

I want our City and our City Employees to have a good facility that is safe and efficient. Is it wise though to have a first rate maintenance facility while at the same time the very infrastructure it aims to serve is crumbling? It’s time for our Community to rethink its priorities and come up with a sensible solution. In my opinion, Prop 406 is not the solution.

Upcoming Events:
• Election Day, Nov 6 & 7th, Jeff Oravits & Jerry Nabours hosting KAFF 93.5FM, Flag News Show. 7:00AM-9:00AM.

4 thoughts on “Prop 406. Maintenance Facility. $14,000,000 Bond. $40,000,000 Price Tag.

  1. And, by the time the new facility is paid of, IT will be similarly run-down, not shiny, blah blah.
    If city engineers and maintenance can’t even maintain their own facilities, what good are they?

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