Coffee & Council Meeting

Join Mayor Nabours & Councilman Oravits tomorrow, October 17th for coffee. 7:30AM-9:00AM. Continental Country Club, 2nd Floor, 2380 N Oakmont Dr.

A recap of Tuesday’s Council Meeting:

The Core Facilities Maintenance Facility. Prop 406.
At Tuesdays Council meeting we were asked to accept a proposal to purchase land in West Flagstaff for a proposed maintenance facility. The land to be purchased, if prop 406 passes, is 16.75 acres with a purchase price over $15,000,000. I voted against awarding the contract. It passed 5-2

I have concerns about the location, price and the purchase process. I have also brought up concerns over the fact that the City is not going to get the land appraised to double check the value. As I stated in my previous blog post, the proposed location and nearly $40,000,000 total estimated cost is not a reasonable solution. Let’s work towards a more reasonable solution to this problem. In my opinion Prop 406 is not it.

Dew Downtown Flagstaff

Council discussed the Dew Downtown Event. This would be the second year the City would put on the event, an urban snow boarding and ski event, closing San Franscisco St. for four days over a long weekend in February. I am a strong supporter of bringing more events to Flagstaff, creating more opportunities and supporting our winter time businessees. I did voice some concerns though regarding the location of the event and the impact it has on some of the surrounding businesseses and residents. A petition was submitted by about 60 residents asking the event to be somewhere else. Council approved the event with the understanding that after the event in February, we will analyse it more closely and also set up a committee to include members of the community in oppositon to its current location. We need events that bring business to Flagstaff but we need to look at all aspects of these events and the impacts on the community around them. We’ll revisit this issue in February.

Picture Canyon
Council voted to preserve over 350 acres in East Flagstaff just off of East Rt 66. This is fulfilling a bond that passed in 2004.

Coming Soon…
I’ve had lot’s of folks ask me my position on various Props and candidates. I’ll be writing about this when I have a little more time in the next couple of days including Prop 405.

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