Making Sure Your Vote Counts

It is imperative that our County Elections Office follows procedures to ensure that your vote counts. Procedures are set so that chances of voting problems are reduced as much as humanly possible. During the May Flagstaff City Election though, my official campaign observer, Rob Wilson, pointed out many potential deviations from the official procedures.

According to Mr. Wilson he observed so many violations and deviations from the rules and regulations that he was compelled to release a report. I turned that report over to the Flagstaff City Council and the Coconino County Board of Supervisors in late August.

In late summer, the City Manager asked the County to respond to these allegations in response to my public request during a Council Meeting. No formal response was received. The report was also submitted to State Rep Brenda Barton who in turn submitted it to the Arizona Attorney Generals Office. To my knowledge, the AG’s office has sent a formal response to the County, although to date I have not seen this response.

The issue seemed to be dead, despite myself and Mr. Wilson trying for months to bring this issue to light. On October 28th a story about this was published by Flag Liberty Alliance entitled “Coconino County Election Security In Doubt“. By October 31st, traffic on my blog nearly doubled as a result of this story being spread around the community.

After two and a half months of no formal response, the County Recorder, Candace Owens released an official response late in the day October 31st. It’s a lengthy response(follow link & scroll to bottom for response).

I am glad that we finally have a response from the County but this should have come months ago. Here we are, five days away from the November 6th Election. Have the issues that Mr. Wilson reported in such great detail and clerity been rectified? Are the procedures set by the State to make sure your vote counts going to be followed? I hope so and I hope this issue is resolved rapidly and in a transparent manner.

*Mr. Wilson was my official campaign observer and not an observer for the Republican Party. I actually had to submit paper work which allowed him to be there for my campaign, since by law, I could not.

** I modified this post from its original. I originally stated, ‘One thing that I noticed right away is that she lists Mr. Wilson as an official observer for the Republican Party which he was not. Mr. Wilson was my official observer, for my compaign, not the Republican Party’.

Ms. Owens response stated ‘As is allowed by law, Rob Wilson was appointed by Coconino County Republican Chairperson, Diana Arendt to be the official observer for City of Flagstaff council candidate Jeff Oravits’

Ms. Owens did not state in her response that Mr. Wilson was an observer with the Republican Party.

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