Jail Tour & Broken Water Lines

Jail Tour
I had the opportunity to tour the County Jail this morning with Vice Mayor Evans. A citizen had come before Council several times asking us to look into what he claimed were inhumane conditions. I wanted to see with my own eyes the condition at the jail. In short, I found the conditions very acceptable and the staff extremely professional.

One of the issues the gentleman raised at Council was the booking process and a claim that inmates were sleeping on cold concrete floors. The inmates do sleep on the floor but they sleep on what looks like a large sled that can be removed for cleaning and other purposes. They are given one thick wool blanket. Definitely not the most comfortable situation but it is jail. This is only for one night until their arraignment which has to be 24 hours after booking by law. After that first night they are booked into the general population where they sleep on a bunk bed with cushioned bedding, one wool blanket and two sheets. Their bedding and cloths are changed twice per week. Most of the cell blocks I toured have bathroom facilities and showers right there for the inmates use.

We also toured the kitchen which was very large and seemed to be adequately stocked. The head of the kitchen said the inmates get around 2,700 calories per day. That’s three meals per day for approximately 450 inmates. Several of the staff that accompanied us said that they also eat the food at the jail.

So overall, from everything I saw, this facility seems clean and professionally run. I appreciate the tour that the Deputies gave us and I appreciate everyones hard work in what I’m sure can often times be a very difficult situation.
Line break leaves homes without water. AZ Daily Sun

‘Councilmember Jeff Oravits said the unexpected break in the 50-year-old line is another example of why the city needs to put more money into replacing aging utility lines and into street maintenance’

I am hopeful that this Council will do what is needed in order to invest more in our infrastructure. According to City Staff, we need over $50,000,000 to just get our streets to a good condition.
At our November Budget Retreat Council agreed that investing more in our infrastructure is our top priority. The problem of course is funding. Council should consider reallocating funds from our existing budget from some programs with more funds going to infrastructure. At our next Budget Retreat on December 12th we’ll be delving into this more and I anticipate a long overdue conversation about budgeting priorities.



Upcoming Events:
12/4/2012_Council Meeting at 4:00 and 6:00
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One thought on “Jail Tour & Broken Water Lines

  1. I was glad to hear you and Vice Mayor Evans toured the Jail facility and followed up on a citizen complaint rather then just brush it aside. The Sheriff’s Department does a fine job and we should all be proud of their efforts. It would be great if this type of response by the City Council would become a normal practice whenever citizens complain about spending and budget issues as well.
    I agree whole heartedly that the City Council needs to address the many deficiencies in our infra structure and to review the budget to see where other expenditures could be put off to accomplish these goals. There needs to be greater attention given to providing the necessary infra structure and safety services. I hope the new Council will take a new hard look at how our Tax money is being spent.

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