BNSF Holiday Express


I had the opportunity to join with nearly 350 passengers on the BNSF Holiday Express that rolled through Flagstaff Sunday. The Holiday Express is a “unique vintage passenger train that pays tribute to the men and women of the armed forces”. The BNSF Foundation has donated hundreds of thousands of dollars in support of our troops and their families. Sundays train ride had many families of active duty military as well as BNSF employees.

Also in attendance was State Representative Brenda Barton and Representative Elect Bob Thorpe. We had the opportunity to chat with Brigadier General Alberto Gonzalez about potentially getting a VA Home out at Camp Navajo, West of Flagstaff, to take care of Northern Arizona’s Veterans. The VA Home is ready to go but lacks the $10,000,000 matching grant needed to get it off the ground. I’m confident this is a project we can get support in completing in the not to distant future.

I also had the opportunity to chat with Carlos Perez who is in charge of BNSF maintenance for the region. We talked about our close relationship here in Flagstaff including the hundreds of families the railroad employs. Also chatted about train horns and train crossings which is a big deal to all of us in Flagstaff.

Thanks to BNSF for providing jobs to the Flagstaff area and for your contributions to our active military and their families.

Flagstaff City Hall from the train.

Coming back into Flagstaff.

Rep Barton, Rep Thorpe & Santa.

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