Sacred Cows & Snow Removal

One thing is for sure, this Council is scrutinizing the city’s budget, departments and our overall fiscal health more closely than any Council in recent history. It has been my priority to go through next year’s budget with a fine tooth comb and that’s exactly what the Council is doing.

From ‘Budget sacred cows on the line’. by Joe Ferguson

“Flagstaff’s new mayor and councilmember began last week to make good on campaign promises to take on sacred cows in the Flagstaff municipal budget”.

As I’ve stated before, I want to, and will continue to, look at the city’s budget very closely and push for reallocation where necessary and if need be cut what is duplicative or not a core function of the City.

Ultimately this takes four votes though. But when nearly $50,000,000 is needed to bring our streets up to an ok condition, Council has a duty to look at everything in the budget.

Snow Plowing
Quite a few constituents contacted me about the lack of snow plowing on our secondary roads during last week’s storm. Let me start off by stating that our snow removal crews did a great job. At last year’s budget retreat, which I sat through before I was on Council, Council decided to cut snow plowing services for storms under four inches in an attempt to cut expenditures. You may remember, myself and others brought up concerns with this policy. Fast forward to last week’s storm and the extremely icy and snow packed conditions, especially on secondary streets and I believe we need to reexamine this policy. Had it not been for the second round of snow that brought over 4 inches, many of the secondary roads would not have been plowed resulting in potentially even icier conditions. As it stands now much of that first storm has become extremely compacted and icy. Surely not removing 3 inches of snow from our streets in December has a drastically different result than not removing 3 inches in March when temperatures are much warmer. Myself and two other Council Members have requested further examination of this policy.

Next Council Meeting Tuesday, January 8th 4PM & 6PM

One thought on “Sacred Cows & Snow Removal

  1. Thank you for your recent observations and mentioning complaints made by the citizens of Flagstaff regarding snow removal. As of today Sunday 12-23-12 we still have much of our roads covered in ice, especially in shaded areas where the sun doesn’t melt the ice. Not only did the plowing not get done properly but many of these same roads in Ponderosa Trails did not even get cinders put down to prevent sliding. We cannot walk on many of the trails or sidewalks so walking on the streets becomes necessary but the conditions are dangerous and many of us have already fallen. If the streets aren’t going to be plowed then at least make sure the City puts down cinders over the ice for safety.

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