BACK AT IT by Jeff Oravits

Today Council had its first meeting since our Christmas break. We met with Representative Brenda Barton and Representative Elect Bob Thorpe to discuss the City of Flagstaff’s Legislative goals. Here’s some of what we discussed.

– The protection of state shared revenues.
– Working towards getting an agreement with ADOT to get an easement for a future waterline from the Red Gap Ranch near Williams to Flagstaff.
– Possible legislation to allow Flag PD the ability to hold serial inebriates for up to 72hrs vs. the current 24.
– Changing legislation to allow folks who own a town home to do minor non-structural repairs without needing to go through an engineer, as they have to now.
– Support for a VA Home in Bellemont.
– The economic impact on NAZ of the proposed I-5 corridor which would go through Maricopa County connecting Phoenix and Las Vegas.

Thanks to the Representatives for taking the time to meet with us today.

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