Is the PMO Dead? Please read on!!!

Last year, the previous City Council attempted to pass a property maintenance ordinance, PMO. Many of you were at that meeting. So many of us spoke out against the broad PMO that included the city regulating the height of your grass, peeling paint and so, so much more. I was one of the PMO’s most outspoken opponents. I found it to be a serious violation of peoples private property rights.

Well, until about an hour ago I was very excited by tomorrow nights City Council Agenda and what looked like to be the shelving of the PMO permanently in favor of enforcing existing code for the most extreme of health and safety violations. That was until I received a supplemental email with an addition to tomorrows agenda packet which has section 301 of a proposed addition to our building code and enforcement.

Update: After further investigation & discussion it appears that section 301 that was emailed last night is actually already on the books. The question that is being asked of Council is should we modify or add more to the current code. My thoughts remain the same, this is to broad and gives City Staff way to much discretion and can be interpreted many ways. I may be willing to address the most egregious of conditions, but we could enter a slippery slope here very quickly.

I have read the document, had no choice considering our meeting is less than 24 hours away. In my opionion these proposed amendments to the code seem even more vague and broad than the proposed PMO and also gives the building department broad discretion to “render interpretations of this code and to adopt and enforce rules and supplemental regulations”.

Read the document at

While tomorrow night is just a work-session intended for Council to give staff direction, we’re not voting on this item, I am not happy with the direction this is heading and the fact that we got the most important part of the proposed changes last minute.

One thought on “Is the PMO Dead? Please read on!!!

  1. Do we not have an existing code as to what constitutes an unsafe building and what is to be done about it? Do we have a history of problems with unsafe buildings that the existing code is unable to deal with? Did council as staff to revise the code?

    Is it possible the staff knowing the council is looking for ways to cut costs might be motivated to change the code so that they have more useless things to inspect and thereby solidify their employment?

    Why the changes and why introduced so abruptly ?

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