Protecting private property rights is very important to myself and so many residents of Flagstaff. As a strong private property rights advocate I have been against the City of Flagstaff adopting a Property Maintenance Ordinance (PMO) and tonight, a majority of Council agreed and the PMO will no longer be pursued. Council did propose using existing code to address the most egregious cases of unrepairable properties in order to limit blight in our community but I raised strong objections to using the code as it is currently written. I argued that we must amend the existing code which contains very broad and vague language which in my opinion gave too much authority and discretion to the building department. Council agreed and we will work on amending the existing code to ensure private property rights are protected while also addressing the most serious of issues.

Many other great things happened at yesterday’s Council Meeting that I’ll write about soon.


  1. I wish to thank you and the City Council for taking a real hard look at this reoccurring proposal and defeating it. The City Council is finally looking after it’s property owners and taxpayers by focusing on doing what’s right and being fiscally responsible, Writing more ordinances will not fix the current problems, wise and fair enforcement of existing ones should be more then adequate to get the job done. Property owners should act as good citizens and keep up their property if they really cared about our City and their neighbors. Shame on those that don’t.

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