Sale of city lands isn’t all or nothing

Over $100 million! That’s the amount needed for our streets and for just two one-time capital projects. This is the economic reality of our City’s financial situation, and as a Council member, it is my duty to explore all viable financial solutions in order to fund these needs.

This is why I am in support of looking into selling some of the City’s vast real estate holdings. With needs this great, all options need to be looked at.

While I appreciate the opinions of those who oppose selling certain city land, we need to be open to finding solutions as long as we perform our due diligence with regard to any proposed land sales and solicit broad public participation. Last Tuesday’s Council meeting was intended to be the start, not the end of this process.

There are solutions out there and it shouldn’t be all or nothing, from either side.

Finding a compromise, especially for certain properties, may include maintaining forest access and parking through easements and other means.

I enjoy the forest as much as anyone, that is why I recently voted to support the acquisition of Picture Canyon and its 380 acres through a state grant. I am grateful to live in Flagstaff, where millions of acres of forest are available within 15 minutes or less, no matter which direction I travel. I am confident we can find solutions to our financial needs and the sale of city-owned land is just one option we should consider.


2 thoughts on “Sale of city lands isn’t all or nothing

  1. I think this is a viable option (sale of city lands) and should be pursued. Flagstaff is an island in a National Forest, those concerned about “access” need to cease their spoiled selfish agendas, get a life and walk a bit more….it’s cathartic.

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