Sexual orientation and gender identity ordinance

Coming up Tuesday, January 29th, 6:00PM at City Hall is a discussion on what is being called Flagstaff’s Civil Rights Ordinance or what some are calling

the sexual orientation and gender identity ordinance for non discrimination in
public accommodation and employment.

If adopted it would give the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community the status of a protected class in the City limits with regard to employment and public accommodations.

Proposed ordinance link here.
Comments, questions and concerns can be emailed to council here.

City contributions to outside agencies is on the agenda for Tuesday, February 4th, 4:00PM at City Hall. The public is welcome. As you may know, our City gives over a million dollars a year to outside agencies. While we have many fine non profit organizations that do great work in our community, we also have tens of millions of dollars in basic infrastructure and other capital needs. My goal is to develop a ten year plan to get our City’s roads and infrastructure back up to par. This will take time, money and tough decisions and the time is now!

Comments, questions and concerns can be emailed to council here.

3 thoughts on “Sexual orientation and gender identity ordinance

  1. had dinner at a new italian restaurant last week. the waiter, who we percieved as European, informed us that he is “a persecuted mexican in this country” . now he gets special protection. I’ll never have those olives again.

  2. My opposition has always been focused on the waste of city resources to draft an ordinance to deal with a problem where no problem has been demonstrated to exist. If there was overwhelming evidence that the LGBT community was being being oppressed than I would be in full support of this ordinance.

    I believe most supporters want this to be more a proclamation than a tool to coerce and abuse. However, it is important for the ordinance to also include some protection against abuse and/or punitive use. The complaint form should instruct the complainant that using the ordinance for pursuing personal vendettas will not be tolerated. The exonerated employer should have some ability to recoup expenses if complaints are deemed without merit. Excessive complaints from individuals and/or groups should also be prevented.

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