Coming up this week

Monday at 4:00 PM @ City Hall, Council will hear from various non profits that the City contributes to with your tax dollars. Public comment will be at 6:00PM. You can come by and give a 2 or 3 minute comment or email Council your comments.

Tuesday at 4:00PM is our regular Council Meeting. Link to agenda.

A comment about last Tuesdays meeting regarding the proposed civil rights ordinance.

I’ve seen many comments that I have already made up my mind, I have not.

Any time we pass an ordinance we must as a Council try and figure out what some of the unintended consequences may be, if any. I ask that the folks saying that by asking questions I am trying to delay or derail this ordinance to take a step back, be patient and let Council work through this ordinance, just as we do any other.

Passing a first draft of any ordinance, as two Council members suggested we do on this one, despite staff telling us things need to be “tightened up”, is rare to say the least. Focusing on only the “positive” as one member suggested sounds great but I feel my job is to look at things from all angles, which if given the chance, is exactly what I’m trying to do.

I understand this is a very emotional issue for many. Council will work through this and at the end of the day, each of us will make a decision based on all the facts and details of this ordinance. I appreciate everyone’s comments and passion regarding this ordinance.

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