How are we going to fix our streets?

Last Tuesday I voted no in accepting a grant from the TSA. I will not accept money from an agency with so many “alleged” constitutional and civil rights violations.

This Tuesday I am introducing a Resolution supporting Arizona House Bill 2573 which Rep Barton is a co-sponsor, which if passed would ban the state from providing “material support” or participation in “any way” with sections 1021 and 1022 of the National Defense Authorization Act of 2012 which in my opinion and many others violates so many of our Constitutional, God given rights. If you believe the same you should let your voice be heard.

Today some of you may have seen the front page story in the AZ Daily Sun of which I was featured. As you know, I have been advocating for nine months to fix our streets and other infrastructure needs. I’ve been asking my colleagues and community members to change the way we budget and reassess our priorities.

I’ve asked to cut the number of employees by 5%. NO
I’ve asked to cut the number of highly paid management. NO
I’ve asked to sell some of our vast city property holdings. NO
I’ve asked to cut back on the amount we fund to non profits. NO
I’ve asked to utilize some of sustainability’s $1,200,000 annual fund. NO
I’ve asked to stop building tax payer funded spec homes and transfer the $1,200,000 back to the general fund. NO
I’ve asked that we not create phase two of a tax payer funded business incubator which already costs us hundreds of thousands from the general fund. NO
I’ve asked that we cut back on the amount of tax payer subsidized meals Council and upper management gets every year. No

I can go on for quite a while here. I think you get the point. The answer I often get, we can’t cut that or that only adds up to a couple hundred thousand and in general the response is….


So now I propose what many of you might not like and that is a two year, 1 cent sales tax which would raise $30,000,000 and fix our streets. Is this my first choice? No. But when I am being told NO to everything else, I must continue with finding solutions. Will people say no to this as well? Perhaps and I ask of them, what is your solution? I keep proposing solutions and keep hearing no.

The alternative is to just let our streets go which is what two members of the Coconino County Board of Supervisors suggested as an “option”. Let some of our paved roads revert to dirt! Is this the best plan out there? How can we say no to all those other options and seriously consider going back to dirt roads. Are we living in the Twilight Zone?

So while you may not like all of my options please know that I am working hard to find a solution but all I keep hearing is no. And I do not accept going back to the 1800’s with dirt roads as a viable option.

You can always voice your opinion…
Email or call 928-213-2015

8 thoughts on “How are we going to fix our streets?

  1. Jeff, I think everything you were told NO to should have been a YES. Government at all levels is out of hand and way too big. We have become such a huge entitlement society that there is no personal accountability anymore. If we cannot reverse this terrible trend, in time, we will no longer be a free Country and that would be a crime!

  2. Jeff, please do not propose a new tax. Every time a new tax is proposed for something that is perceived as necessary for our city and citizens, like roads or schools, it usually gets approved. We just can’t have any more taxes. If our City Council can’t come to together and find a solution without raising taxes, then I guess dirt roads it is. Maybe you should make it a “dirt road” campaign, like, the city will soon have dirt roads because the City Council can’t figure out how to use our tax money the way it should be used. Maybe you should bring a brown bag lunch whenever the Council has its lunches on us, in the hopes it will shame them. But it probably won’t.

    You and Jerry are the best thing our City Council has going for it. Don’t cave. Even though there don’t appear to be any solutions at the moment. Maybe Jerry can take some leadership action and make this the number one priority for the City Council.


    Begin Within

    Date: Sun, 24 Feb 2013 23:25:46 +0000 To:

    1. I don’t want another tax either Nancy but where is everyone when all of these other proposals to make cuts have been made. The vast majority that respond or come to council meetings are those opposed to any cuts.

      Where is the outcry, why aren’t a mass of people showing up at City Hall demanding change? I know you demand change but where is everyone else. People should be outraged!

      1. I have to say that it was very frustrating when when the City held the non-profit budget retreat and nobody spoke in favor of cuts. The council chambers were packed with people begging for more spending.

  3. The sad reality is to see how elected by people officials are becoming typical beaurocrats, They forget whom they are serving and they forget purpose of their work. Jeff, I support all of your proposition, which received an answer “NO”. and thank you for doing your job well.

  4. Jeff, I too share your concerns with the broken down infrastructure of this city. Not until the roads in everyone’s backyard break down will anything be resolved. Not until we find a population in this town that cares enough and has the resolve to stand up to the status quo will any change even be talked about. Common sense in this town is quickly being replaced by the entitlement factor.
    This town, at one time, attracted citizens to relocate here for the appearance and values of the town which is slowly erroding. Parts of Flagstaff are starting to ressemble South Phoenix. And we wonder why some businesses pass when it comes to expanding here. The willingness of government in areas such as Prescott and Prescott Valley to make sure their city attracts new business has been successful for them. All the while Flagstaff has attracted what, a Dunkin Donuts? Even the Chick Filet is not a new business here, just a replacement for the Mall Store.
    So if it dirt roads that the people want, they shall get. I encourage you and Jerry to make sure topics like this are kept in out in front. Hopefully new blood on the council may appear. That may be your only hope to restore some common sense.

  5. Jeff

    Thank you for being only one of maybe two council members who is really focused on our most serious problems.Until the City starts making some very hard decisions and choices we will continue to slide into decay and disarray. The only thing the council seems to care about is pleasing special interest groups and worrying about being re-elected by these special groups. Too much power in the hands of a few and no one seems to care about doing what’s right, even if it means bringing down the wrath of these groups. What ever happened to honesty and character and doing what’s right regardless of what others think.

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