My Votes Tonight

Here’s how I voted tonight. Figured I’d try doing this after every meeting…

Item 4A. I voted yes, after I amended.
Approval of past minutes. I voted yes with a correction on Item 17, page 10. Last paragraph on page 10 should read Councilman Oravits, not Councilman Overton.

Item 8A. I voted yes and made the motion to approve.
Made a motion to Forward the liquor license application for Air Cafe at the Flagstaff Airport to the State with a recommendation for approval

Item 9A. I moved we postpone this item.
I requested this item be postponed for more info.
Consideration and Approval of Purchase under Maricopa County Contract: Aerial Photography andDigital Terrain Model (DTM) Acquisition.
I think this is a great and valuable service for the City and I frequently use the GIS system to view properties and data throughout Flagstaff. However, with all of our other budget needs we need to examine if this is a necessary expense at this time. Should we really be spending $100,000 for aerial photography of our City at this time?

Item 10A. I voted yes.
Approving the purchase under Bid Number 2013-08 from Alliance Refuse Trucks of Gilbert, AZ for one rear load and two front load garbage trucks with new truck cab / chassis and refurbished bodies in the amount of $530,813 with trade ins. Simply put, we need to keep up not only on our infrastructure but our vehicles and buildings.

Item 10B. I voted yes.
To Purchase Four (4) Police Interceptor Sedans.
Again we need to keep our infrastructure, buildings and vehicles up to date.

Item 10C. I voted yes.
Consideration and Approval of Temporary Use of City-Owned Property: Located at 216 W. PhoenixAvenue, Flagstaff, AZ 8600. This is a temporary use of a vacant building for Goodwill.

Item 10D. I voted yes.
Consideration of Cost Reimbursement Agreement: An agreement between the City of Flagstaff and the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) to provide overtime reimbursement by the FBI for the
formalized Northern Arizona Violent Gang Safe Streets Task Force.

Item 10E. I voted yes.
Consideration and Approval of Intergovernmental Agreement: Consideration of an Intergovernmental Agreement (IGA) with the City of Williams, City of Page, Northern Arizona University, Coconino County, City of Flagstaff, Town of Fredonia, City of Sedona,Arizona Department of Public Safety, and Arizona Game and Fish Commission for the
creation and p

I approved this agreement for Cities of Northern Arizona to work together in the event of a child abduction.

Item 14A. I voted yes.
Consideration and Approval of Grant Application: Arizona Governor’s Office of Highway Safety(GOHS) Federal Fiscal Year 2014 for Police Department Applications for DUI Task Force, Youth AlcoholPrevention and Interdiction, Collision Reconstruction Team Training/Equipment, and Fire Department Extrication Equipment.

Item 14B. I voted yes.
This item is taking old taxes and tax breaks and taxes off the books that are no longer relevant.

Public Hearing and Consideration / Adoption of Ordinance No. 2013-02: An ordinance amending
the Flagstaff City Code, Title 3, Business Regulations, Chapter 3-05, Privilege and Excise Taxes,
Division 3-05-004, Privilege Taxes, by amending Section 3-05-004-0430 Timbering and Other Extraction,by deleting a tax exemption for felling, producing or preparing timber for sale or commercial use;
amending Section 3-05-004-0475, Transporting for Hire, by deleting tax exemptions related to
transporting by motor vehicle outside the City, towing and transportation by railroad, all in an effort to
achieve a more uniform Model City Tax Code; and amending Section 3-05-006-0600, Termination,
Approval and Authority to Amend Chapter, by making clerical revisions to clarify the history of tax code
changes; providing for penalties, repeal of conflicting ordinances, severability, authority for clerical
corrections, and establishing an effective date.

Section 19
This is where Council members bring things up for future agenda items and informational items.

I asked that Council receive from staff my proposed sign amendments which would make it easier to utilize temporary signage in Flagstaff. I will post my plan shortly.

I asked staff to look into issues on 4th Street regarding center median work in front of the Farmers Market and the new Walgreens.

2 thoughts on “My Votes Tonight

  1. Nice idea and I hope you continue to do this in the future. It’s great to have a councilman who stands by his promises to be fiscally responsible with our tax money. It would be great if the other Council members did the same and showed the voters how they stand on critical issues being voted on in the council. It would be great to hear each ones explanations as to why they cast their votes that way. Maybe there wouldn’t be so many issues decided by pressure from special interest groups. Thank you Jeff for keeping your campaign promises.

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