Sign Code Amendment Proposal

At tonight’s Flagstaff City Council Meeting I referenced a recent sign code proposal I made. This is intended to simplify our sign code and help small businesses. Here is the proposal.

Temporary Sign Proposal

Over the past several months I have visited with many Flagstaff businesses regarding temporary signs, specifically A-Frame signs. Here are some suggestions regarding changing our existing sign code.

1. Allow A-Frame Signs without a permitting process and allow these signs to be self regulated on private property with a complaint driven enforcement.

2. Develop basic design standards to ensure Flagstaff remains visually pleasing.
• Construction material of the signs, ie. weather proof material
• A maximum size, perhaps based on total surface area, for example a maximum size of 3’x3′ per side or a maximum of 18 square feet, or 9 square feet per side.

3. Signs need to be properly secured.

4. Signs can only be placed on private property and must only be out during the businesses operating hours. These would be brick and mortar hours, not website hours.

5. To regulate the amount of signs we should develop a maximum amount allowed per lineal footage or frontage. For example, 100 feet of frontage would be allowed a maximum of 2 signs at any given time.

6. Limitations on what you can attach to the temporary signs. For example, balloons, flags etc. Should we allow attachments of these objects?

Finding a practical solution to allowing businesses to better utilize temporary signage will greatly help our local businesses. Signage is important to a businesses success and study after study have proven that temporary and in particular A-Frame signs boost sales significantly when appropriately used. We should strive to simplify this portion of our sign code and allow our local businesses to utilize this tool.

I look forward to discussing this as a Council soon.

Jeff Oravits

2 thoughts on “Sign Code Amendment Proposal

  1. Thanks for posting this. This is a very rational approach to the temporary sign issue. If people are not aware, temporary signs are limited to 60 days per year with a free permit.

    Temporary signs are among the most affordable advertising for businesses, the limitations imposed by the sign code places undo handicaps on doing business in Flagstaff. An interesting quirk in the current code is that a “sign walker” can carry a sign (under certain restrictions) everyday of the year and no permit is required!

    There are additional issues as well. For example the current code also prohibits the use of balloons not only on signs but also on autos – think auto dealers. For vertical banners, the current code essentially limits the business to using the smallest banners available which results in the highest cost per square foot of advertising space, once again penalizing local businesses.

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