How I Voted 4/2/2013

4/2/13 How I Voted Tonight…

Item 4A_I voted YES
Approval of past meeting minutes.

Item 8A_I voted YES to recommend to the state approval of a Liquor License for the new Walgreens on 4th ST.
However, I had some comments about the process and the need to have the same process for all, wether big or small operations. The issue at hand was a change in the way in which we measure the distance of the operation from a Church or School. In the past an operation selling liquor had to be over 300ft from the building to the church or school. In this case though, Walgreens was less than 300ft from the building to a nearby Church. We were told by the state that the measurement can be taken from the actual sales of the liquor within the building to the church, which in this case is over 300ft. I was assured that this new standard will apply to all new liquor license applications.

Item 9A_I voted YES on Consideration of a Joint Letter of Renewal with the Arizona Department of Transportation, Intermodal Transportation Division for the Data Access/Exchange Agreement.

Item 9B_I voted YES to Authorize the purchase of services from sole source provider, General Acrylics, for the installation of the Nova’ ProBounce monolithic overlay system for the repair and long-term
maintenance of the existing tennis (1) and basketball (1) courts at Cheshire Park for the sum of$89,280.00. This was needed to keep up with City owned properties/facilities. These facilities, like our streets, are literally crumbling.

Item 9C_I voted YES in Consideration and Approval of Legal Services with the law firm of Holmes Wright Hyde & Hays PLC, for the purpose of collecting unpaid transaction privilege taxes (sales taxes) from specific on-line travel companies.

Item 10A_I voted NO (again) against the $98,188 contract for Aerial Photography of Flagstaff. While this is a good service that can have many useful purposes, this is one I’m convinced could be put off for a while longer.

Item 10B_I voted YES in Consideration of Appointments: On-Call Judges for the Flagstaff Municipal Court.

Item 10C_I voted NO on the estimated $3,000,000 plus financing for a proposed solar project.
While I support all forms of energy, solar, wind, coal, oil, natural gas, nuclear among others, I could not support the way in which this proposed plan was being funded. In the past, Flagstaff has done solar projects that a third party financed and placed on City property with Flagstaff receiving a fixed energy rate for 20 years. The City does not own nor is it responsible to maintain the systems. Tonight’s proposal though would have the City finance, own and maintain the system. The projections are complex and long in their time frame. Lots can go wrong with the sytem, projections can be wrong and technology will surely rapidly advance and change over the next twenty years. Contracting out for solar projects and receiving fixed energy rates is one thing but owning and operating such systems is completely different. This can be done without ownership and without risk to the taxpayers of Flagstaff.

Item 10D_I voted YES on the annual Flagstaff Housing Authority Plan for submittal to HUD.

Item 10E_I voted YES for Authorization for Legal Action: Against American Contractor’s Indemnity Company (ACIC) to enforce
the provisions of the Presidio in the Pines landscaping bond.

Item 10F_I voted YES, Consideration and Approval of Agreement: With State of Arizona (Forestry and LandBoard) for Flagstaff Watershed Protection Project (FWPP).

Item 10G_I voted YES, approval of agreement with State of Arizona (Forestry and LandBoard) for Flagstaff Watershed Protection Project (FWPP).

Item 10H_I voted YES (second and final read) cleaning up some old tax incentives that are no longer relevant.
Consideration / Adoption of Ordinance No. 2013-02: An ordinance amending the Flagstaff City Code, Title 3, Business Regulations, Chapter 3-05, Privilege and Excise Taxes, Division 3-05-004

Item 14A_I voted YES on the IGA with the State of AZ.
The purpose of the Intergovernmental Agreement with Arizona State Parks is to outline mutual responsibilities in implementing the Arizona Site Steward Program at Picture Canyon

2 thoughts on “How I Voted 4/2/2013

  1. Thank you for the info, Jeff.
    I viewed the recorded video of the presentation, discussion, and vote on Item 10-C (Capital Financing for Solar Photovoltaic Systems) and have one question and two comments.

    Question: Did the city have an option to again use the lease plan it used in the previous projects?

    1. The projected benefits to the city were well quantified, but not so with the risk to the taxpayers. In other words, we know how much money we can make but while we know we can lose money, we have no idea how much we can lose. This is not what I call wise investing. This is gambling with taxpayers’ money.
    2. I am pretty sure the company that will sell and install the equipment (APS?}also did a comparison between leasing the equipment and selling it. I am more confident that this company assessed the risk of leasing it and retaining ownership of it in a more analytical manner and priced the sale of the equipment accordingly. Something tells me they are sure they will make money on the deal.

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