4/13 Update

A quick update before I head out the door today….

This Tuesday, April 16th, Council will be voting wether or not to subsidize a business here in Flagstaff by providing $70,000 in start up costs to Both Hands so they can open a thrift shop that caters to maternity, infants and baby supplies. We discussed this issue at Tuesday’s Work-session. The $70,000 is part of the approximate $479,000 Flagstaff will receive from HUD this year which needs to be used in three target neighborhoods in Flagstaff. Several of us on Council were pushing to use some of the money for infrastructure needs in these neighborhoods. I will be visiting all of Flagstaff’s second hand and thrift shops this week to see in what way this new government subsidized business will affect their operations. I am also going to try and seek out the former owners of Togs for Tots store that closed on Rt 66 a couple years ago. I beleive everyone who’s followed me to this point know where I stand on government subsidized businesses.

This Thursday and every Thursday starting at 7:30AM please tune in to Flag Morning’s for my weekly interview with Charlie Hicks on 93.5FM or online at http://www.Country935.com
Archived interviews are available here.

At Monday’s special meeting we discussed moving forward with a simplified re-zoning process. Currently, a business can spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on detailed plans trying to get a parcel of land rezoned with no guarantee of the re-zoning. The proposal on the table would allow the re-zoning first with the detailed planning process and public input on the plan after that. The public would still have all their comment opportunities during the re-zoning process as well. This is one of the Mayors initiatives that I fully support.

At last Tuesday’s Council Work-session we also discussed how to proceed with the proposed purchase of a Maintenance Yard. As you may recall, I was very much opposed to the last project and it’s very high cost. Fortunatly it was voted down after many months of negotiations. I raised many questions Tuesday night about the process. My biggest concern though is the price of a new yard. Originally price was only figured in at a factor of 5 based out of 100 points. Now it is 15 out of 100 points wihich is still way to low. Real estate is price and location. That’s what matters most! Councilman Woodson and I pushed for a more reasoned approach that will hopefully make price and location a higher concern. I was a bit concerned that one of my colleagues stated that when most people consider real estate that price was not their highest concern. Needless to say I respectfully disagreed. I’ll keep everyone updated on this as it proceeds.

This week I also had the opportunity to speak at the Doty London Dinner with Rep Bob Thorpe and AZ Corporation Commissioner Burns. I also met with several local businesses. If you are interested in meeting with me, please contact Meg at City Hall at (928)213-2015 to schedule an appointment.

Coming soon I’ll be writing about my meeting with the Council, County Board and Public regarding the Flagstaff Regional Plan. Folks really need to pay attention to and wiegh in on this document soon! http://www.flagstaffmatters.com/

NOTE to grammar police, I’m in a rush today so if you find errors, good for you!

2 thoughts on “4/13 Update

  1. Haaa haaa saw the “grammar police!” touche’ hope all is well and keep up the GOOD work Jeffy!! gettin warm down here, see ya soon 😛

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