My Votes 4/16/13

Here is how I voted at last nights Council Meeting. I plan to write in more detail about Item 14A, which was acceptance of $500,000 from HUD, $70,000 of which is now going to a tax payer subsidized thrift store in Flagstaff. The meeting video on this item is here

Item 4A_Minutes
YES, to approve the minutes from past meetings.

Item 9A_Route 66 Culvert at Rio De Flag
YES, to award the contract to RTR Paving (a local company) for approximately $300,000. This will address flood issues in the area. This infrastructure project is funded by Flagstaff’s storm water utility fee.

Item 9B_Southside water/sewer lines
YES, to change the contract to fix the water/sewer lines which will add about $300,000 to the original contract. Eagle Mountain, a local company, is doing the project. This is needed in order to replace deteriorated water and sewer lines on Cottage Avenue from Mike’s Pike to Beaver Street. This is one of those cases where you dig into the ground to do street repairs and discover the lines are so old, they should be replaced now, otherwise we’ll be ripping up the street later to replace the lines.

Item 9C_Water & Sewer Line Replacement Downtown Area
YES, to award the contract to Capital Improvements, LLC out of Prescott in the amount of $322,000, which was about $100,000 less than the closest bidder. This will replace very old water and sewer lines that need to be replaced. This will be funded from the Utility Fund.

Item 9D_West Street and Arrowhead Improvements.
NO, to award the contract to Capital Improvements, LLC out of Prescott for approximately $3,400,000. While I support infrastructure improvements and want to see more invested into our streets, especially West Street and Arrowhead, I have concerns with the design of this project, especially the proposed “mini roundabout” at the Arrowhead and West Street intersection.

Item 9E_Picture Canyon-Rio de Flag Meander Restoration Project.
YES, to accept the $217,000 grant from the Arizona Water Protection Fund Commission. I am always cautious with grant funding and in general I am often cautious of Federal Grants, especially inlight of our $17,000,000,000,000 national debt. After asking several questions of staff though it appears this is a state funded grant and only a couple projects in Arizona have received funding from this source.

Item 10A_Street Closure Downtown for Rt 66 Car Show
YES, to close the streets for this great annual event that brings a lot of business to the downtown area.

Item 10B_Sitgreaves ADA Ramp
YES, to award the contract to Eagle Mountain Construction (a local company) in the amount of $206,000.
This project is funded through 50% through ADOT and 50% thru our local transportation sales tax.

Item 10D, AZ Department of Homeland Security Equipment
YES, Approve the grant agreements with the Arizona Department of Homeland Security and consider authorizing the acceptance of grant funding in the amount of $19,800 for Mobile Date Terminals and $4,504 for Enhancing Agent and Chemical Identification.

Item 10E,
YES, on A resolution declaring the 2013 Addendum 5 of the Flagstaff Employee Handbook of Regulations a Public Document,and an Ordinance adopting said Public Document by reference.

Item 14A, Community Block Grant from HUD
NO, I could not support this nearly $500,000 grant from the Federal Government when our nation has over a $17,000,000,000,000 national debt. How can we justify subsidizing a local non profit in a start up of which they have no previous business experience running a business of this type. I even asked for a business plan but one was not available.

Item 14B, Low Income Housing Loan
NO, to loan $245,000 to Mountain Side Village to remodel low income housing. My thoughts, this company should get private financing.

I also had reservations about the terms, “that they can pay when there is sufficient cash flow”. Wouldn’t you love those terms…
WHEREAS, the City issued a Deed of Trust (“Mortgage”) dated December 13, 1994 to loan the amount of $345,000 with Flagstaff Affordable Housing LP, for the purchase of the property at an interest rate of 3% for 30 years, payable interest only each year

Item 14C, Land Trust Swap
YES, to this land swap. This moves a city lot that by itself cannot be developed to the private sector while at the same time the private developer will pay to build a new bus stop and other area improvements.

6 thoughts on “My Votes 4/16/13

  1. Jeff, Although we cannot be personally knowledgeable of all city issues we appreciate you keeping us up-to-date with what is going on in Flagstaff, and each of your positions seems “right” in line with our thinking. Thank you for keeping us posted. Steven and Joan Harris

  2. Jeff,

    I like all your votes.

    I’m curious – what is this?

    Item 10E,
    YES, on A resolution declaring the 2013 Addendum 5 of the Flagstaff Employee Handbook of Regulations a Public Document,and an Ordinance adopting said Public Document by reference.


  3. I too like your votes. By the way, I think the round-a-bouts are a bad idea. They cause confusion and pave the way for more accidents in my opinion. I don’t like the one in Sedona! It works OK if people go very slow, but if not, it’s a recipe for disaster.

  4. Jeff, I also wanted to thank you for your continued hard work for Flagstaff residents. Your dedication to limiting the size of government and keeping our taxes down is greatly appreciated by many of us. You understand priorities and vote your beliefs. I wish more elected officials would do the same.

  5. Thank you Jeff for some sanity in voting.

    Round-a-bouts: Useless nusances. Look at the few that are around….Woody Mtn Road: too small for commercial traffic and snow plow equipment… looks trashed, marked with tire rubber from large vehicles unable to make adequate sweep radii and chipped/cracked curbs from snow plow contact. These things serve no purpose worthy of the monies dumped into them by political bureaucrats. NO Round-a-bouts, a major waste of taxpayer monies!

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