Budget Retreat Ends

After two days of meetings regarding the proposed 2014 budget, I am encouraged that Flagstaff is heading in a better fiscal direction. Some of the encouraging changes that have occurred in this budget;

– A three fold increase in spending on our streets.
– Over $400,000 in capital reserves set aside.
– No increase in the amount residents will pay in property taxes.
– An increase in both snow plow and street sweeping services, this was cut back last year. I have advocated to increase this after clear problems the decrease in services presented this year.
– A cut in food/catering expenditures for Council and staff.
– Reallocation of funds from the sustainability division towards graffiti abatement and forest thinning within city limits.

As we get closer to adopting the final 2014 budget in June, I’ll write about some more of the changes that have taken place.

Clearly though, with a 3 fold increase in spending on our streets, no increase in the amount residents will pay in property taxes and hundreds of thousands of additional dollars set aside for capital reserves, the proposed budget is a big step in the right fiscal direction.

5 thoughts on “Budget Retreat Ends

  1. Sorry Jeff, I just don’t get it. You claim increased in street spending, capital reserves, increased snow services, decrease in catering, and a shift of funds for graffiti. Is this smoke and mirrors?

    Don’t get me wrong, it is a baby step in the right direction and a small victory towards change, Thanks for fighting for that!!

    I feel sorry for the future generations of this town!

    1. Thanks for your comments Roger. My previous post from day 1 may help explain some of the budgetary changes. As I said its a step in the right direction, not everything I’d like to see but a good start. I’ll be meeting with groups over the next 2 months to better explain the changes and why I think it’s a step in the right direction.

  2. Jeff..Please dont develop/sell the property by the Elks. Also.keep our green spaces.I like the wild animals.As neighbors,they dont leave as much trash as the humans!!.I thank you for the baby steps and I still see city vehicles being parked at the private homes which i assume means they are taking them home. i also still see ladder trucks at the grocery store…..and…no fires there!!!

  3. Jeff.. Please keep up the fight and encourage your fellow councilmen to do the same. Pass along a thanks to them for making these baby steps along with you. I hope we see more of these steps in the right direction over the next year.

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