How I Voted, May 7, 2013

Here’s how I voted at tonight’s Flagstaff City Council Meeting.

I Voted YES. Approval of past minutes. (passed 7-0)
I voted yes to the amended minutes to note that I voted NO to award the contract for the Arrowhead/West mini roundabout and YES on the culvert work on mikes pike.

ITEM 7A, B & C
I Voted YES, Commission Appointments for; (passed 7-0)
Disability Awareness Commission (2 appointments)
Sustainability Commission (2 appointments)
Open Spaces (3 appointments)

I Voted YES, recommending a liquor license to Historic Brewing Company. (passed 7-0)

I Voted YES, recommending a liquor license to Mr. Smokes. (passed 7-0)

I Voted YES, recommending a liquor license to Firecreek. (passed 7-0)

I Voted YES, recommending a liquor license to San Felipes. (passed 7-0)

I Voted YES on all three items. (passed 7-0)
Item A was $943,000 for resurfacing various parking lots (parks).
Item B was $20,000 for taxiway work at the airport.
Item C was $421,000 for additional taxiway work at the airport.

I Voted YES on the $370,000 median project on Butler. (passed 7-0)
I voted yes after asking how the businesses in the area were informed about this project. This project will remove the center lane between San Francisco and Lone Tree on Butler Ave. and replace it with median landscaping and various turn lanes. I have questioned some of the median work that has been completed around town addressing concerns about loss of access for business and property owners. I will continue to look at each of these projects individually as they come before Council but this one overall did not seem to cause a serious access loss issue. As for funding of this project, it comes from the voter approved BBB tax.

ITEM 9E_Postponed
Amendment to the LeaseAgreement with Boys and Girls Club for the Cogdill Recreation Center.

I Voted YES, Consideration and Approval of Street Closure(s): NACo (WIR) Western Interstate (passed 7-0)
Regional Conference and Consideration of Alcohol Service on Heritage Square: NACo(WIR) Western Interstate Regional Conference. This will close streets on Wednesday May 22 in the downtown area for this Western Conference. Should be good for the downtown businesses and Flagstaff overall.

I Voted YES, to amend the agreement between City of Flagstaff and NAIPTA. (passed 7-0)
This removes Sedona and Cottonwood from NAIPTA, adds Coconino County Community College and saves the City about $2,500 per year.

I Voted NO on financing of $4,000,000 for a proposed City owned and run solar project. (passed 6-1)
As I stated the last time I voted against this project, my objection stems from the City owning and operating this project versus the other solar projects throughout the City that are owned and operated by a third party.

I Voted YES, swap of city owned land. (passed 7-0)
This was the second and final read addressing this real estate transaction.

I Voted YES, adoption of employee handbook. (passed 7-0)
This was the second and final read.

I Voted YES, purchase of a new backhoe. (passed 7-0)
This was about $100,000 funded from the enterprise fund to replace a 22 year old backhoe with a new machine purchased locally and with a 3 year warranty. Just like a business, every so often machinery owned by the City needs to be replaced.

This was a presentation on the economic impact of tourism in AZ. For Coconino County it equals about a billion dollars.

This was a presentation on
This is a website set up by the City where residents can submit ideas for improvements in the City. Check out the website above for details.

I Voted YES, to reject all bids on a new courthouse.

I Voted YES, to settle the Canyon Del Rio lawsuit.
This has been an issue regarding a development on Butler Ave., East of Little America which had to do with zoning issue among other issues. It was settled with no financial consideration from the City, although there has been legal fees incurred by the City during the lawsuit.

I Voted YES, to Approve and submit an official public comment regarding the Proposed Action for the FlagstaffWatershed Protection Project. (passed 7-0)
This is in regard to the Forest Thinning Bond that passed last year and a public comment period on the project which you can find at

If you’ve read this far, thanks! If you find typos and/or grammatical errors, your grammar certificate will be mailed shortly.

3 thoughts on “How I Voted, May 7, 2013

  1. Yes, I read through the end of your post. Thank you for the update. As far as I know you are the only council member who makes known how you vote and reasons for your vote. I like that.

  2. Jeff, Your “How I Voted” is the best, most useful thing I have ever seen from an elected official. It will certainly be of use next time you are running for office. Thank you.

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