Weekly update from Councilman Jeff Oravits

The adoption of International Energy Code will be discussed Tuesday night. If adopted as written, this may add thousands of dollars to the cost of a new house. I have raised concerns about the adoption of this code for a couple years now. Those concerned about increased housing prices should pay attention to this code change. I will be advocating to amend the proposed code, leaving the energy standards as they stand now and not implementing the changes as proposed. I am also advocating for the passage of AZ House Bill 2404 which would legislate that cities could not adopt these International Energy Standards. Those concerned about the cost of housing can voice their comments to the City Council and ask our State Representative’s to pass HB 2404.

A Wild Life Feeding Ordinance will be discussed on Tuesday as well. This law would limit the feeding of animals in the Flagstaff City limits. I am told the goal is to limit the feeding of large game, not smaller game such as squirrels and birds. I expect to read the draft ordinance later today and I am interested in how this would be enforced and what possible unintended consequences may develop. Let’s just say that I have concerns about this proposed ordinance.

– This week I was on FlagMornings with Charlie Hicks. You can listen to this on my YouTube Channel.
– If you’d like to meet with me please call 928-213-2015 to set up an appointment.

NO on the $4,000,000 solar project. In the past the City has partnered with third party vendors, with the vendor paying for and maintaining the solar project while the City receives a fixed rate for energy. The project I voted against has the City paying for, maintaining, and responsible for the project for the next 15+ years and borrowing the money. I could not support this change in the way we pursue these projects. It passed 6-1

– You can read about other votes at https://jefforavits.wordpress.com/2013/05/07/how-i-voted-may-7-2013/

– I have publicly raised concerns about the many dead ponderosa trees around the City. Many constituents have also raised concerns. It seems that since the City and ADOT began salting the roads several years ago that many trees next to the road have begun to turn brown. It is assumed by many that the salt (or salt like products) may be killing these trees. I have requested that the City Council revisit their snow removal policy. Council has agreed and we will be exploring new options this summer. I have recommended an increase in snow removal and $100,000 has been reallocated for this purpose. We need better removal of snow during the colder months and possibly only salting streets on heavily shaded and steep hill areas. I will keep everyone up to date on the progress of these changes.

I submitted a sign code proposal last month requesting an easing up on our sign code, especially temporary sings. You can view my proposal here.

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One thought on “Weekly update from Councilman Jeff Oravits

  1. Thanks for following up on the various energy issues. Cost versus benefits need to be addressed. And a big thanks for your concern about the dying trees: the trees and the birds and squirrels provide so much of the character of Flagstaff.

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