UPDATE: Last nights Council work session_5/14/13

A new tool has been launched so citizens can more easily report problems or concerns.
Want to report a problem or concern to the City? You can now do it online or through an app (citizen request tracker) for your smart phone.


2013 Wildfire Update
With the recent rains and cool weather the fire risk has reduced slightly but is already picking back up. We continue to face fire dangers. I brought up the issue of “salting” the roads and the concern by many that this may be causing the death of many ponderonsa pine trees. The concern I raised is these trees are right beside the road and the risk of someone throwing a cigarette out a window or a spark from a car is a real risk. I have requested again that we examine the policy of “salting” the roads. I also asked what the plan is to remove all these dead trees and what efforts will be made to coordinate this regional problem between the City, County and State.

Wildlife feeding ordinance.
This is a proposed ordinance aimed to limit the feeding of certain animals in Flagstaff. I am very concerned that there may be unintended consequences with such an ordinance. While I acknowledge there are rare issues, I believe they are very far and few between and those instances may be hard to enforce. It passed 4-1 so an ordinance will be drafted and voted on in the coming months.

International Suite of Codes including the International Energy Code will be discussed next week but at my urging a vote on the first read will be delayed until June 4th. The code has not been released to the Council or public. To date the text of the ordinance has not been released and will not be released until after voting on it. I made it clear that I would vote no on this without having the code available for review. I review everything up for consideration before Council. It is very bad policy to vote on something that has not been read.

5 thoughts on “UPDATE: Last nights Council work session_5/14/13

  1. How can any elected official with integrity vote on anything without seeing what they are voting on! This happens enough in Washington DC. We don’t need it to happen here!

  2. Dear Jeff,

    I think that elks never ever attack people , so it’s no reason ti inslude them in the list of prohibitions.
    Gardens can be fenced. These animals eat mostly leaves of bushes and trees which do not belong to our place and we have to be thankful to them. Flagstaff is plant – polluted, (but this is another topic I would return to it) Moreover, they still would visit us for a drink,

    And also, tourists enjoy elks and deers when they not so wild. Flagstaff is a special city for that, lets try to keep its character, which makes this city different from others.

  3. Hi Jeff :

    How can the council vote on something they haven’t read? Sounds ridiculous to me and I hope Flagstaff council won’t make a policy of doing this.

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