Upcoming This Week, 5/20/2013

Monday 5/20, 4PM, City Hall.
Special Council Meeting on changing the Zoning Map Amendment Process.
The Council is working through the current zoning process trying to streamline the process of how property owners can change the zoning on their property.

Tuesday 5/21, I’ll be meeting with Senator Flakes office for some updates.

Tuesday 5/21, 4PM & 6PM, City Hall. Council Meeting.
A resolution will be voted on to begin the process of amending the City’s current Zoning Codes. Last week I asked for and Council agreed to extend the time to adopt the suite of International Codes. I am focusing on the International Energy Code which may add thousands of dollars to the cost of every new single family home in Flagstaff. I have concerns about adopting this code as is and I will be focusing on offering up amendments to this code. I am also communicating with several of our Representatives in the Arizona House and Senate regarding House Bill 2404 which would limit the ability of Arizona Cities to adopt these energy codes and would replace it with a minimum standard for the entire state.

Here is a link to the agenda. You can also watch the meeting live here, http://www.flagstaff.az.gov/index.aspx?NID=328

Wednesday, 5/22, 2-5PM, Twin Arrows Casino.
I’m looking forward to attending the grand opening of the Twin Arrows Casino. This new casino is expected to employ 800 people.

Thursday, 5/23, 7:30AM, Flag Mornings
Tune in to 93.5FM, 930AM or online at http://www.Country935.com

As always, I am available to meet with Flagstaff constituents and groups. Please contact Meg at City Hall to set up an appointment. 928-213-2015.

If you have an issue or concern you can email the entire Council at council@flagstaffaz.gov

4 thoughts on “Upcoming This Week, 5/20/2013

  1. Jeff, PLEASE ask Flake why he jumped to the wrong side of the aisle. Unfortuneately he has lost my support since he lost his conservative ideals.

    1. C’mon! Flake has NEVER been a conservative….he just duped all you Tea Party types and the voters with a few well placed “conservative” ads when campaigning and you all bought into it! If you’d have taken a few moments to review his track record prior to election you’d have surmized very quickly, this guy is a fraud!….he very much lives up to his last name!

      1. As a city councilman it’s my job to meet with our delegation, republican, democrat, conservative, liberal, DINO & RINO. putting up a stone wall and refusing to meet with folks is not the best idea. Thanks for your comments.

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