How I voted tonight, 5/21/2013

How I voted tonight.

I voted YES on a renewal of the lease agreement between the City of Flagstaff and the East Flagstaff Community Library.

ITEM 10A and B
I voted NO on an ordinance to purchase solar panels to be placed on City property and the use of City funds for this project. As I’ve stated throughout this process, I am concerned with the City owning and operating its own solar panels versus the way past projects have been funded. In the past the City has had third party vendors install and maintain these projects while giving the City a set rate on electricity for a certain period of time. The ordinance (10A) passed 6-1. Item 10B, the advancement of funds, to be reimbursed upon completion of financing also passed 6-1.

Presentation by NACET, a local business incubator. There was not a vote on this item.

I voted YES on amending the City Council’s Rules of Procedure.
Several changes to the old rules but one of the biggest is that it will now only take 3 votes instead of 4 to get an item on the agenda.

I voted YES on a resolution making the international suite of codes available for public review. As you may recall, Council was being asked to vote on the International Suite of Codes without the codes being released for public review. Laws should always be released for public review prior to being voted on. I advocated for the release of the documents last week and Council agreed.

The release of these codes for review is in advance of the first read to adopt the codes scheduled for June 4th.

I raised concerns about adopting the 2012 International Energy Code which is an estimated 30% increase in efficiency and by some estimates an additional cost to homeowners of somewhere between $2,000 – $10,000 per home. Flagstaff homeowners and renters already struggle enough with the cost of housing. An increase this large is unacceptable.

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