How I Voted June 4, 2013.

How I voted tonight.

Council Meeting, June 4, 2013.

6PM Meeting:
ITEM 14A. Observatory Mesa Grant.
I votes YES on a resolution allowing staff to apply for a grant from the State of Arizona for a grant for some of the funds to purchase and preserve Observatory Mesa.
passed 7-0

ITEM 14B. Sale of Land on 4th St.
I voted YES to approve the real estate agreement between the City of Flagstaff and Evergreen Devco, Inc for the purchase of the property near the 4th Street Bridge across from the new Walgreens. (Evergreen has entered a contract to buy the land from the City)
Passed 7-0

ITEM 14C. 2014 Budget Adoption 1st Read.
I voted YES to approve the 2015 budget (first read).
With a 3 fold increase in streets spending, the preservation of many of the programs and services flagstaff residents hold dear, all while lowering the overall budget by millions of dollars and maintaining a flat tax levy year over year, the 2014 budget represents a huge step in the right direction.
Passed 7-0

ITEM 14D. Adoption of the 2012 Suite of Building Codes.
I voted NO on adopting the 2012 suite of codes because the 2012 energy code will add between $3,000-$10,000 per new house which has the potential to add enough to a mortgage payment so that some may not qualify for a mortgage with these new expenses. How can a Council argue for affordable housing yet vote for codes that add to the cost of housing?
The suite of codes including the 2012 Energy Code passed 4-3 with myself, Councilman Overton and Mayor Nabours voting against.

4PM Meeting:
ITEM 4A. Approval of minutes.
I moved to approve the minutes of past Council Meetings and voted YES for the approval of the minutes.

ITEM 8A, B, C. Liquor License.
I voted YES to forward all three licenses with a recommendation to the state for approval. The McMillian, Chiba Hut and the Modern Grove.
Passed 7-0

ITEM 9, A, C, D, F, G
I voted YES to approve all items.
Item 9A, Custodial Services for various City owned property.
Item 9C, An agreement between City of Flagstaff and FMC for services.
Item 9D, An agreement for taxiway work at the airport between City of Flagstaff, ADOT and FAA.
Item 9F, A contract between City of Flagstaff and Southwest Groundwater Services for consulting work at Red Gap Ranch.
Item 9G, Acceptance of a contract for street work on Cedar Avenue.
All items passed 7-0

ITEM 9B. Property Management Agreement with Core Realty.
I recused myself since I have a relationship with Core Realty.
Passed 6-0

ITEM 9H. Acceptance of a DHS Grant.
I voted NO on the grant to accept federal dollars from DHS for public safety radios among other items. I voted no because Flagstaff bonded $4,700,000 in 2010 for the same radios. The $10,000 grant for additional radios should have been addressed with the 2010 funds.
Passed 6-1

ITEM 10A. Sale of 2 abandoned Fire Stations.
I voted YES to start marketing these fire stations for sale.
Passed 6-1 with Vice Mayor Evans voting no.

I voted YES
Abandoning a portion of a public ingress
and egress easement located at Pulliam Airport Airpark, a part of Track 5B near ShamrellBlvd.
Passed 7-0.

ITEM 10C. I voted YES,
Consideration and Adoption of Resolution No. 2013-15: A resolution of the City Councilof the City of Flagstaff repealing Resolution No. 2013-02 adopted March 5, 2013, designating the “2013 City of Flagstaff Parks and Recreation Organizational Master Plan”as a Public Record and adopting the 2013 City of Flagstaff Parks and Recreation Organizational Master Plan.
Passed 7-0.

Comments, questions or meeting request, contact my office at (928) 213-2015.

4 thoughts on “How I Voted June 4, 2013.

  1. HI Jeff,
    Regarding item 14B, was the property sold or purchased by the city?
    Item 9H, you voted NO, but how did the rest of the council vote?

  2. Jeff I thank you for your common sense on how you vote on certain issues. I’m so disappointed in the 4 members of the city council that voted yes on 2012 energy code. It shows to me that they just want their way and don’t really care about Flagstaff and all we are going through, during these difficult financial times. Please keep fighting for us. Thank You!

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