Council vote made homes less affordable:

A letter in today’s paper. Final vote is July 2, 6:00PM at City Hall.

To the editor:

Citizens of Flagstaff, your city council just voted to increase the cost of a home in Flagstaff by at least $3,000.

It’s well known that the No. 1 complaint in Flagstaff is the cost of living, especially housing. Several of your councilmembers who claim they are watching out for the less fortunate folks in our community just proved that is not the case.

They were presented several options that could have spared first-time homebuyers this additional expense and instead chose the most expensive option for energy codes. Their actions may now prevent folks who would have otherwise qualified for a mortgage from doing so.

I’d like to encourage you to contact the council members who want to increase the cost of housing in Flagstaff — Woodson, Evans, Barotz and Brewster — and tell them it is already too high and they need to take steps to make housing affordable, not a luxury. There is one last chance for you to affect the vote, so take those steps now.



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