City Council and Coconino County Board Joint Meeting June 17, 2013

1. An update on the Walnut Canyon Study Area.
The National Park Service has been looking at significantly expanding Walnut Canyon’s boundaries. It appears that the NPS will recommend to continue as is with the Coconino National Forest Management Plan which is already in place. No recommendation to expand the parks boundaries at this time.

2. Regional Plan Update.
Staff has been meeting with stake holder groups over the past couple months. Staff acknowledged that EVERY group they met with had concerns that the City gets to vote on the final Regional Plan Document but County residents within the FMPO boundary (Doney Park, Kachina etc.), do not. This is a concern I have been voicing for many months and I am glad that it is now getting the attention it deserves. I asked why my counterparts on the County Board of Supervisors have not voiced concern about this obvious problem with the state statute. The response I heard was, it’s a state law and we have no choice, which I am well aware of. So the questions I have are; Why hasn’t this issue come forward until we were well into this plan? Why has this obvious glitch in the law not been amended already? Why hasn’t someone up to this point lobbied our State Representatives to change this law in order to afford the residents in the County the same right to vote on this plan as City residents currently have?

I will work with our State Representatives to try and fix what is clearly an inequity between City and County voters.

3. Watchable Wildlife Experience.
You can read more about this at for more info.

4. Update of Flagstaff Watershed Protection Project.
Just an update on the forest thinning project that City voters passed a bond to fund last year. Looks like thinning will begin as early as the end of this year.

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