The Arizona Daily Sun has their opinion today so here’s mine…

The Arizona Daily Sun has their opinion today so here’s mine…

Many newspapers and the “mainstream media” wonder why their market continues to decline yet it’s so obvious. They used to report facts and news but are now by and large a mouthpiece for ideologue editors and producers who care little for facts or news so long as their agenda is pushed. The Arizona Daily Sun through its editor Randy Wilson prefers to push an agenda and personal ideology over running a factual, news based organization.

Will newspapers like the Daily Sun ever get back to reporting the news based on facts and real journalism? Or will they go the way of the 8-track and the Dodo Bird and sink into oblivion.

11 thoughts on “The Arizona Daily Sun has their opinion today so here’s mine…

  1. I haven’t subscribed for years, but I used to wonder why front page new would be a quarter page picture of some kid playing in the snow at a local park.

  2. It’s even worse Jeff–When you submit a letter to the editor, the “EDITOR” decides whether he likes your opinion before he prints it. He also bases what he calls “facts” on whether one is quoting the AP. If you make the mistake of quoting the Wall Street Journal you are told your information is incorrect and therefore cannot be printed. But it’s not just newspapers who are failing to print news anymore, it’s also TV and radio. It’s too bad so few people read books anymore these days. You can’t get the full story on a twitter feed or facebook page, and surely not in the daily newspaper. It’s sad.

  3. I couldn’t agree more with you, Jeff. I used to subscribe to the Daily Sun, but I realized it was stupid of me to continue giving them my money so they could continue publishing the news with their own twist. I don’t mind the editor being liberal, but I do believe he has a responsibility to be balanced when reporting the news and publishing opinions. Mr. Wilson and I already bucked heads when he unfairly edited my letter to the editor before publishing it. As far as I am concerned the Daily Sun can close its doors any day. I won’t miss it.

  4. We dropped our subscription quite a while ago. Now a customer drops his copy off – most days we don’t read this copy – we go online for more accurate news than the biased “reporting” it offers. If your organization is not on their “in” list, your events either won’t be reported or they will be attributed to another organization. Most common term heard in reference to it – The Daily Rag. Don’t know anyone who likes it.

  5. Jeff you are so right, whenever I want a letter printed in the paper it is a fight with Randy if he doesn’t like it. I don’t know why he cares what I have to say when it is suppose to be my opinion? Thanks for fighting for us and putting common sense again back into the picture.

  6. Right on, I have been waiting for someone with a voice to speak up against that joke of a newspaper. Even more so, as we have no local TV station either.

  7. This is why your blog is so important.

    All we can hope for the editor will go missing again. This time much longer.

  8. I wear as a badge of honor the fact that I was banned from posting my opinions and thoughts with the AZ Daily Sun. Wilson and his assistant stated that my posts were not suitable for a family newspaper. When asked to cite specific examples, there was never a response. Of course, my comments were never foul or perverse, but my praise for our Founders and the Republic and Constitution they established was too much like the screeching on a blackboard for Wilson and his comrades.

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