2012 Energy Code Fails

Tonight the Flagstaff City Council voted against the adoption of the 2012 Energy Code after hearing hours of testimony from Flagstaff residents and business’s largely opposed to the adoption of the code.

I am pleased with Council’s 6-1 vote rejecting this stringent code and its thousands of dollars in additional costs that would have been imposed on Flagstaffs residents and businesses.

6 thoughts on “2012 Energy Code Fails

  1. This is a great example of common sense prevailing. We witnessed what can happen when people get involved, do their research and present it to council. Far too often in the past, council has made decisions with only half the story presented. We need to let folks know what can happen if they care enough to be involved!

  2. That is great news…………..thank you for getting us the correct information so the people have a chance to fight against something like this before it is to late. I’m so happy to hear that it was voted 6 to 1 against it. Thanks again Jeff!

  3. This is excellent news Jeff.

    The turnaround in voting attitude was no doubt largely due you your educational ROI calculations and comments. Thanks for all your good work to bring sanity to the council decisions.

  4. Great work by the City Council. Finally doing what is right in spite of special interest group pressure. For once the citizens win.

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