Council Travel and Expense Budget FY13’/14′

People have been asking me what the Flagstaff City Councils’ travel and expense budget is.

FY13 each member was allocated $3314.28.
FY14 has been lowered to $2720.57.

Below is the FY13 summary of travel expenses per Councilmember.
Please note for FY14 each person’s travel budget allocation was reduced by $593.71.

FY13 Travel Expenses ($3314.28 each)
Mayor Jerry Nabours: $3136.39
Celia Barotz: $2906.04
Karla Brewster: $3072.55
Coral Evans: $3050.54
Jeff Oravits: $2995.46
Scott Overton: $628.73
Mark Woodson: $363.73

Here is a detail of my expenses for FY13.

Date Destination Reason Expenses
8/28/12 Scottsdale AZ League of Cities (lodging) $375.78
8/28/12 Scottsdale AZ League of Cities (registration) $182.00
2/12/13 Flagstaff Flag Lodging & Restaurant Assoc
Annual Mtg $30.00
1/14/13 Phoenix Opening Day Ceremony
w/Rep Barton (Gas) $5.01
3/12/13 DC Travel – Airfare (Flg – Phx) $108.90
3/12/13 DC Travel – Airfare (Phx – DC) $611.60
3/12/13 DC Travel – Advance $284.00
3/12/13 DC Travel – Lodging (CC $1282.40/
PD City Back $512.96) $769.44
5/23/13 Oro Valley AZ League of Cities Registration $290.00
05/28/13 Oro Valley AZ League of Cities Lodging $338.73


These are all expenses paid or reimbursed for my activities as a Councilmember over the last year. Not noted here are many expenses I paid for out of my own pocket (non City funds) for City Council business. Those additional expenses were about $600 for my iPad, about $840 for my cell phone service and about $500 in various other travel and expenses.

One thought on “Council Travel and Expense Budget FY13’/14′

  1. Hi Jeff,

    Thank you again for the transparency. I have a couple of questions. I’m just curious and want to understand better the need for travel on the part of the council.

    In reference to your expense summary, I noticed several charges for lodging which were in excess of $300. Am I right to assume that these expenses were for several days of lodging?

    Also, why is it necessary for the council to attend the various league of cities meetings? Do all council members attend them? If not, how is it decided who goes?

    Thank you again for sharing this information. I appreciate it.

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