Vote On Energy Code This Tuesday

At the July 2nd Council Meeting, the 2012 Building Codes were adopted with the 2012 energy code excluded by a 6-1 vote, thanks in large part to opposition by many Flagstaff residents and businesses.

This is not the end of this issue though and a discussion and possible adoption of the 2009 energy code is on the agenda for Tuesday July 16th, 6:00PM. Other possible action includes sticking with the current 2006 energy code and despite overwhelming rejection of the 2012 code, it may be discussed and/or adopted as well.

Those against adopting the strict standards included homeowners, mortgage and real estate brokers, business people and even people who have built or are building a home using comparable or higher standards.

Proponents of the strict 2012 energy code, several of whom had companies that would benefit financially from the implementation of the strict standards, simply could not overcome the fact that enacting this code meant increases to the upfront cost of building a home in Flagstaff, thus making Flagstaff even more expensive. Arguing that “most people won’t be effected” discounts those that will and reeks of elitism. An attitude of ‘too bad’ for those that can’t afford these expensive mandates is unacceptable to me and should be to anyone that wants to work towards solving Flagstaff’s reputation of “poverty with a view”. The fact that our City is already 44% above the national average in home prices does not seem to deter some who feel it’s necessary to push these strict mandates on homeowners apparently at any cost.

I look forward to discussing this issue again this Tuesday, July 16th and hearing from the public.

Meeting Info; July 16th, City Hall, 211 West Aspen. 6:00PM. (This is the first item on the agenda)

Other contact info for City Hall

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