Council Rejects 2012 Energy Code

At tonight’s Flagstaff City Council Meeting, Council voted 4-3 in favor of advancing Flagstaff’s 2006 Energy Code to an amended 2009 Energy Code. Myself, Mayor Nabours and Councilmember Brewster voted against it.

I voted against advancing to the more stringent 2009 standards because of concerns of increasing the upfront cost of housing in Flagstaff and many other reasons I’ve expressed over the past several weeks. I have mixed feelings about the outcome. I am disappointed because I believe any cost increase to housing in Flagstaff makes housing that much more out of reach to some and that all these “small increases” have had a negative impact on many people. I am happy because on June 2nd the first read of the 2012 energy code passed by a vote of 4-3 and has clearly been rejected just weeks later. Adopting an amended 2009 code (much of the expensive mandates were removed) was a pretty large shift in such a short time and I commend the many, many people and businesses in Flagstaff that wrote and spoke against adoption of the 2012 and 2009 code.

I will continue to fight to stop incremental increases to the cost of living in Flagstaff. I will continue to work to prevent Flagstaff from becoming an elitist island where only the richest can afford to live. Tonight’s outcome, while not perfect, sends a clear message that the days of ramming through certain agendas without regard to cost or consideration of unintended consequences are over and a more sensible, balanced, holisitc approach will prevail going forward.

2 thoughts on “Council Rejects 2012 Energy Code

  1. It is too bad the City rejected lowering the cost of home ownership. It was a victory for narrow, small minded thinking that ignores the total cost picture to hysterically focus on one (small) piece of the puzzle.

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