A Quick Update

It’s been a couple weeks since I’ve posted a blog. Council is in recess until August 26th and I’ve enjoyed a little time off with my family. I have also been preparing for what will be a very busy late summer/fall for the Council.

The Flagstaff Regional Plan is available for review online. This is a plan we should all take time to review since it is intended to be a guiding plan for Flagstaff and the Flagstaff Metropolitan Planning Area for the next twenty years. I will be discussing this much more in the weeks to come.

Yes, Council is voting again and perhaps for the final time on the Energy Code on Monday, August 26th at the 6:00PM meeting. We stopped the 2012 code from being adopted and saved Flagstaff homeowners thousands. At the last meeting though by a 4-3 vote, myself, Nabours and Brewster against, Council voted to adopt the 2009 code. I have fought hard to keep Flagstaff at the 2006 code and will continue to do so.

I have asked for Flagstaff Liberty Alliances Food Freedom Resolution to be placed on a future agenda. In short, the resolution is meant to encourage local food production and local control of such production. I will need 3 votes at the August 26th meeting to move this forward in the process.

Council met one on one with Senator McCain on Friday and discussed funding for the Rio De Flag flood control project and forest health issues. On Monday the Mayor and I welcomed the Ambassador of Thailand who is based out of LA and covers many of the western states.

7:20AM, FlagMornings, 93.5FM
7:30AM, Guest speaker, Good Morning Flagstaff, Radisson Hotel
6:30PM, Guest speaker, Flagstaff Liberty Alliance, Weatherford Hotel.

Have a wonderful week.

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