Flagstaff Draft Regional Plan Now Available

The Draft Flagstaff Regional Plan is now available for review. The City of Flagstaff is required by state law to have a General Plan and the County is required by law to amend their Comprehensive Plan. The Draft will soon be presented (see schedule here) to the City Council and County Board with the goal of having complimenting plans, however this is actually two separate plans and in the end could be identical or very different from one another.

Over the coming weeks I will be preparing to weigh in on the Draft Plan with suggestions that will ultimately shape the Flagstaff General Plan. To first understand this process, here are some bullet points of where we are, how we got here and where we are going.

– The Flagstaff City Council and Coconino County Board of Supervisors are in the process of reviewing the Draft Regional Plan. Councils goal is to adopt a Plan by the end of December and have the voters of the city vote on the plan by May of 2014.

– The draft plan was created over the past several years by an advisory board, the CAC, with members comprising of residents of both the City and County appointed by the City Council and County Board.

– Both the City and County are using the draft regional plan as a starting point and ultimately can adopt the plan as presented or with any amendments the respective bodies see choose to add.

– The City Council and County Board will be holding various meetings starting in September through December of 2013.

– The City and County will hold one or two joint meetings for informational purposes and to take public comment.

– The City’s plan is a General Plan and has legal authority only within the City Limits.

– The County’s plan is an amendment to their comprehensive plan and has legal authority in the unincorporated areas of the Flagstaff Metroploitan Planning Area.

– While the goal is to have two plans that are complimentary to each other, a so called Regional Plan, at the end of the process the plans may be identical or could be different from one another.

– The county board adopts the final plan by a 2/3 vote, 4 out of 5. County voters do not get to vote on the plan the Board adopts.

– The city council votes to send the plan to the voters of Flagstaff by a 2/3 vote, 5-2, and the voters of Flagstaff are expected to vote on the General Plan in May of 2014. A simple majority is needed by the voters to adopt the general plan.

I will begin reviewing the Draft Plan over the coming weeks and would very much appreciate your input.

Chapter 4, Article 6 of the Arizona Revised Statutes

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