Weekly Update From Councilman Jeff Oravits

After a couple weeks off from Council I spent the past two weeks getting prepared for our late summer and fall Council Meetings. I also had several meetings, spoke at several public engagements and was on both FlagMornings and the Mitch & Joe Show.

Upcoming Events/Meetings
• 8/21, 7:30AM, I’ll be meeting with Flagstaff Chamber of Commerce CED Committee.
• 8/21, 9:30AM, Cafe Rio Grand Opening in West Flagstaff
• 8/22, 7:30-9AM, I’ll be co-hosting FlagMornings on 93.5FM/930AM or http://www.Country935.com
• 8/22, 11AM, Luncheon With Senator Jeff Flake
• 8/22, 3:15PM, Council will be meeting with Senator Flake
• 8/26, 4 & 6PM, City Council Meeting. On the agenda at 6PM, Energy Code, Animal Feeding Ordinance, Local Food Resolution
• 8/27-8/30, I’ll be at the Arizona League of Cities Annual Meeting in Oro Valley, AZ.
• 8/31-9/2, Time(s) TBD, I’ll be at the Coconino County Fair.
Speaking at Good Morning Flagstaff

I was happy to give over 100 business owners and business leaders an update on City issues including the Energy Code, my push to get our streets and infrastructure in order and the upcoming Flagstaff Regional Plan.

Flagstaff General Plan (Regional Plan) Now Available

The plan is now available for review and if this is truly going to be “your plan”, please give me input on it. I have posted an overview of the process, where we are, how we got here and where we are going. I have also posted a schedule of City and County meetings regarding the plan. Please get involved and encourage others to get involved.
Energy Code Final Vote August 26, 6PM
I’ve fought hard to keep the cost of building a new home in Flagstaff down. At the last meeting Mayor Nabours, Councilwoman Brewster and myself joined together, pushing to keep Flagstaff at its current 2006 Energy Code instead of advancing it to the 2009 or 2012 Code. We had a huge influence on this issue considering two months prior, Council voted to advance to the 2012 Energy Code despite its estimated $5,000 in additional costs. A watered down 2009 Code was passed at the last read but it is still estimated to raise the cost of housing by as much as $1,000. I will be proposing that the 2009 amended code be voluntary. I’m all for energy savings but with Flagstaff being such an expensive place to live already, and if this is such a good deal as proponents claim, shouldn’t it be the homeowners choice? I’d love to hear from you at the meeting August 26th or by email.
Luncheon with Arizona State Treasurer (and possible Candidate for AZ Governor) Doug Ducey. Hosted by the Flagstaff Republican Women. Touched on the state of Arizona’s finances. It’s looking a little better but lots of work yet to do.


Speaker At Flagstaff Liberty Alliance
Met with the group to discuss Flagstaff issues and to discuss their proposed Resolution Recognizing The Rights of Individuals And Groups To Grow And Consume Their Own Food. I will be introducing this Resolution to Council on August 26th and asking for it to move forward.
Meeting With Senator McCain

Myself and the Flagstaff City Council met with Senator McCain. We discussed two main issues, funding for the important but stalled and poorly managed Army Corp Rio De Flag Project and Forest Health. Regarding forest health we spoke about the delayed thinning efforts around Flagstaff.

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