Weekly Update from Councilman Jeff Oravits_ 8/24/13

Voting on Energy Code, Animal Feeding Ordinance and Food Freedom Resolution.

Meeting With Senator Jeff Flake

I had several opportunities to talk with Senator Jeff Flake. First I talked with him on FlagMornings. We also spoke at a luncheon and met at City Hall with the Mayor and Council. Many issues were discussed including forest health, immigration, fiscal issues as well as the Rio De Flag Flood Control Project. As a Council, we’re asking our Representatives to take care of the National Forest (forest health) and get the Rio Project under control. Hopefully the squeaky wheel will get the grease.

I also took the opportunity to ask about our national debt problem and asked that Congress figure out how to solve this nearly $17 trillion dollar unsustainable economic time bomb.

Welcome Cafe Rio

20130821-165752.jpgGlad to have attended the ribbon (and burrito cutting) for the grand opening of Cafe Rio in West Flagstaff. They donated $1,000 to FUSD and committed to another $1,000 once they sell 1,000,000 tortillas, about six months they say. Thanks to the Flagstaff Chamber of Commerce & FUSD Superintendent Barbara Hickman for being there. Welcome to Flagstaff Cafe Rio.

PandZ Meeting On Regional Plan

I attended the Planning and Zoning Commissions Meeting on the Regional Plan. Glad to see quite a few people commenting and suggesting changes. PLEASE send me your comments on the introduction section of the plan.

• 8/26, 4 & 6PM, City Council Meeting. On the agenda at 6PM, Energy Code, Animal Feeding Ordinance, Local Food Resolution
• 8/27-8/30, I’ll be at the Arizona League of Cities Annual Meeting in Oro Valley, AZ.
• 8/31-9/2, Time(s) TBD, I’ll be at the Coconino County Fair.
• 9/3/13, City Council Meeting, Regional Plan.

One thought on “Weekly Update from Councilman Jeff Oravits_ 8/24/13

  1. I believe the energy code should remain at the 2006 level. Every new regulation adds to the cost of a new home. It costs a lot to live in Flagstaff and each new regulation adds to that cost.

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