Please Get Involved


If the Flagstaff Regional Plan is going to be “YOUR PLAN” as is consistently stated throughout the Draft Document, then “YOUR” comments and input are needed.

I ask for your comments on the introduction section. Please submit your comments on the introduction section by Saturday, August 24th.

Comments can be made to me the following ways:
• Comment in this blog below.
Email me.

The PDF file of the INTRODUCTION section is available here.

Thank you for your participation.

Councilman Jeff Oravits

PS. COUNCIL MEETING Monday August 26th, vote on energy code.


2 thoughts on “Please Get Involved

  1. Action expresses priorities it has been said… Gandhi I think. I have seen the priorities of this city council as a entity, as I watch in disbelief… I know individuals may have had minority opinions as things have developed but I would like to ask the city council as a whole; First I see the word “grow” right off the bat as I start reading this regional plan. If another large shopping corporation like Kmart lets say wanted to come into Flagstaff, would the City Council say “no we have enough” or would they welcome the “jobs” etc. If another gas station chain or hotel proposed they would create a draw and tourism would you welcome the “growth” or would you say we have enough. How about another golf course, mining on the peaks, would these be considered financial good ideas, or would the negatives even be looked at seriously. Would the $$$/growth be all you need to hear to seal the deal? Well I can give you many reasons why these things are killing Flagstaff, and we do have enough as well as 70,000 reasons why Flagstaff deserves better than this. Growth for the sake of growth is the motivations of parasites and cancer. We need to think of the current residents and have growth due only to a desirable life here, not corporate job transfers from abroad to man the new Flagstaff location. I cant believe Flagstaff would give money away to only certain charities like United Way (funny a United Way employee is on the City Council – conflict of interest anyone?) Then I hear the food bank is closing due to a lack of funding, the sliding fee health facilities are going to eliminate dental care and all the while the City Council is planting trees in the middle of streets and trying to PMO this town into Scottsdale! I do not want to live in Scottsdale and neither do these hungry people with poor teeth shaking their fists at the financial waste. Flagstaffs Ultimate Scam Department (FUSD) needs more $ when enrollment is up or down, so lets look at raising property taxes instead of managing the cities finances? No. I think the concerns of this city council, the priorities, the actions, should reflect the priorities of the citizens such as, property rights, road repair, safety, liberty and not, definitely should not be, the “image/fantasy” pictured in the heads of these city council members. Lastly you talk about sustainability yet your planning and zoning department wants nothing to do with sustainable building, composting toilets, grey water, etc. They will say “we have no experience in that.” I have a friend who had to hire an engineer to just put in a large greenhouse!!! As I read this plan I see lots of statistics and far too many ideas. I do not see clear statements like “we will not build on another riparian area as we have in the past”. I see so many items addressed in this “plan” I feel something is being slid past the people (PMO perhaps?). Dissemble this, break it down so each change can be addressed by the people. This “plan” being approached as it really is, “a process” may work to improve the level of trust in the city council.
    Neil Wilson, Precinct Committeeman
    “It should raise a red flag when government says here is the new plan and it looks as if they thought of everything.”

  2. Jeff, I find it very odd that the two largest populations of Flagstaff (the retired, and the students) are not mentioned anywhere! This regional plan talks about flagstaff like it is this balanced group of people with fairly equal classes, but it isn’t. Especially in the housing section. Flagstaff’s number one goal for sustainable housing should be to get rid of or correct all the “student housing” that doesn’t have to conform to any decent standard of living. These areas are like slums! and for most that is their first experience living in this city. The loopholes that new construction for student housing received for for the Grove at Sawmill are disgusting. Not even a year old and they are already falling apart. It is terrible that this plan seems to turn a blind eye to the true problems of this community and seems to want to move forward and build upon this idealized version of the community. This is unsustainable from the get-go and is already doomed to fail. It needs to create a plan that addresses the problems of the present as well as the goals for the future. The plan says that it wants varying economic diversity but its goals don’t address any of the problems that create the classism in Flagstaff to begin with.

    I would start there☺

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