Weekly Update From Councilman Jeff Oravits

Join me at the Coconino County Fair this Saturday 10AM-Noon.

20130828-152200.jpgCarrying our City Flag at the AZ League of Cities opening ceremony Wednesday.

Chipping Away At The Budget
As part of Councils budget process last year, I asked how and pushed for ways the City could save money. 2 sworn Police positions (bailiffs) were civilianized on Monday, thus reducing expenses by about $40,000 per year.
This Passed 7-0. I will continue to push for more efficiencies that allow us to run our city smarter.

Amended Energy Code Adopted

After nearly three months of debate, the 2009 Energy Code was passed 5-2 (Evans & Barotz opposed) and later adopted 7-0 after significant amendments were made to the code. In fact, Mayor Nabours and I amended out the complex, burdensome and expensive interior lighting requirements which unnecessarily put city hall in the middle of what should be and now is a business owners decision. This burden actually existed in the 2006 code.

I am pleased with the outcome and appreciate all the input Flagstaff Residents made regarding implementing this code. Without you, Flagstaff would have been forced to comply with expensive and burdensome energy requirements with a questionable return on investment.

Attended Arizona League of City’s.
I spent time in Oro Valley AZ at the AZ League of Cities. This annual event brings together Arizona’s 91 Cities. I attended several seminars including a great one on water in which Flagstaff’s Utility Director Brad Hill was a panelist. Some interesting information:
80% of Flagstaff’s water comes from outside the City. Most urban areas across the nation import their water from outside city limits, many from hundreds of miles.

Flagstaff has 400 miles of water and sewer lines. 2 miles of water and 1 mile of sewer line is what is currently budgeted for replacement per year. Obviously Flagstaff has not budgeted enough to replace our aging water and sewer lines and this has to change.

It’s estimated that 7.5 billion dollars is needed in AZ over the next 20 years to repair our water infrastructure. 1 trillion dollars is needed in the US over the next 25 years to replace water infrastructure.

Overall it was a very busy and productive week meeting and talking with Senator Flake, Secretary of State Ken Bennett, Speaker of the House Andy Tobin, Representatives Barton and Kwazman along with many other elected Representatives from around Arizona.




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