How I Voted 9/3/13

September 3, Council Meeting
6:00PM Meeting

City Attorney Michelle D’Andrea provide an update to Council on the recent ruling in Pima County Superior Court regarding charter cities and elections, and staff provided an overview of various options available for moving forward in the 2014 election process. Council has to decide if we go forward with a May or November Election in 2014. We will need to make this decision by late September.

Transportation Tax Proposal
How do we fund the over 600 lane miles of roads that are in desperate need of repair in the City of Flagstaff. Our current needs are estimated at 50 million dollars plus an ongoing 4.5 million per year to maintain after that. Some perspective, when I got on Council, $1.2 million of our over $200 million budget was allocated for street repairs. Last year we upped it to $3.6 million. This isn’t even enough to maintain our streets in their current deteriorated condition. Tonights discussion begins a process to finding a solution. Solutions range from additional sales tax of various amounts as well as further budget reallocations. We will continue this discussion in the coming weeks.

Regional Plan, Introduction Section.
I introduced dozens of edit and policy sugestions for the draft plan. These sugestions came from dozens of comments I received from dozens of constituents on this 30 page section of the 292 page document. For example, including automobiles as part of our future transportation methods since in the introduction section many forms of transportation are mentioned but not the automobile.

Thank you so much for all your comments on the introduction section. It has made a huge difference. Please send me your comments for the next section by September 8 so I can present them at the September 10th meeting.

4:00PM Meeting
Approval of Past Minutes
Passed 6-0

Item 9A
Purchase of advertisements from Republic Media (Arizona Republic,, Sedona Publishing, etc.) $85,000.
This is for advertisements promoting Flagstaff in the Phoenix area.
Passed 6-0

Item 9B
CVB Online Display Advertising and Pay Per Click (PPC)Campaign Management: RFP No. 2013-46 $135,000
This is for online advertising promoting Flagstaff nationally and internationally.
Passed 6-0

Item 10A
An Ordinance amending Flagstaff City CodeTitle 2, Boards and Commissions, Chapter 2-12, Transportation Commission, for the purpose of changing the membership of the Transportation Commission, and removing the Commission’s appellate authority.
Passed 6-0

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