Weekly Update From Councilman Jeff Oravits

Important Upcoming Meetings
Monday, September 9, 4:00PM
Joint Council/County Meeting on Regional Plan at City Hall. If you are interested in both bodies hearing your thoughts on this plan, this would be a good opportunity.

Tuesday, September 10, 6:00PM
Council will be reviewing the next section of the Regional Plan, Environment and Conservation. I would appreciate hearing your comments on this section.

Flagstaff floats $50M road repair plan. AZ Daily Sun
‘The road repair issue emerged during the 2012 council elections, and City Councilmember Jeff Oravits kept the pressure on city staff to quantify the problem. He garnered council support to raise the ongoing maintenance spending this year from $1.2 million to $2.2 million and throw in an additional one-time payment of $1 million.’


Visiting Our Neighbors.
About a week ago Mayor Nabours and I were talking to Mayor John Moore of Williams and Mayor Nabours mentioned that it would be great if Flagstaff had a zip line in downtown Flagstaff. Mayor Moore and Councilman Fritsinger informed us Williams already has a zip line. I asked Mayor Moore if he’s ridden it and he responded he had not and didn’t necessarily want to. So a challenge was on. Mayor Nabours and I said we’d come and do the zip line if Mayor Moore did. So on Wednesday we did just that. Williams has done a great job revitalizing their Main Street area and attracting tourists to the area. I’ll continue to visit other Northern Arizona Cities to see what they’re doing and hopefully get ideas for Flagstaff.

NorChem Tour
I toured Norchem with Mayor Nabours on Thursday. This company was started in Flagstaff by Bill Gibbs and now brings in business from around the nation. They test for drug and alcohol and average 6,000 tests per day. They currently employ 60 with an average salary of about $50,000 per year.


One thought on “Weekly Update From Councilman Jeff Oravits

  1. My thoughts: I would like to see plans for composting toilets, grey water systems, etc. available to anyone who needs them. Plans approved by the planning and zoning committee so there is no hassle for anyone interested. How about rebates on property tax for going solar or collecting rainwater. I would also like to regain access to the roads that were closed, making access limited to our forests. My thoughts. Thank you

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