Is This Your Plan, Or Someone’s Plan For You?


In their words…

“It (the regional plan) is guiding not only government agencies but everyone else.”
– Eva Putzova (Friends of Flagstaff’s Future Board Member. Regional Plan Advisory Committee Member)

“this is what we want, you can disagree with us and rewrite the plan, but 20 plus people tell you this is what we want collectively”
Eva Putzova
FCubed Board Member. Regional Plan Advisory Committee Member

“84,000 people”…population of plan area, page 1 of the plan

“the plan was created as a collaboration of Flagstaff citizens, public officials, and staff members, using an open planning process” page 22 introduction.

“This has been a broad and open process”. City staff comments during public meeting.

September 2012. Alleged open meeting law violation. Reported to AG’s office. CAC group vote to admit new members to “balance the group” despite item not being on the agenda, a clear violation of open meeting laws. Political makeup of CAC at time of vote, 11 Democrats, 2 Independents, 1 Republican. Group voted against new members 9-2.
“There is no right”, said another member. “I do think that the fact that I’m pretty much one of two of the most conservative people on this committee speaks to their absence”. This is how another member of the CAC, a self proclaimed “Obama Democrat” described the CAC makeup.

“Small business does not drive our economy”, Paul Babbit, chair of the Flagstaff Regional Plan Citizens Advisory Committee (the CAC).

***The Flagstaff Regional Plan is a policy guide based on our community’s vision of what we want to be, first sentence of the Plan


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2 thoughts on “Is This Your Plan, Or Someone’s Plan For You?

  1. I’m glad you are the one speaking for the other 83,980 people. You did an excellent job the other night. What they want dismiss as trifling and a waste of time is significant and has a very big impact on how the plan is interpreted even five years from now. Thanks Jeff.

  2. I am very tired of the leftist, anti-American, anti-liberty minority groups’ conniving, deceitful tactics to influence life for the rest of us. Both the concept of this regional plan, and its dishonest representation are morally repugnant.

    Thank you for your unwavering representation of We the People, Mr. Oravits.

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