Our Plan?


Are you concerned about the preservation of your private property rights?

We have been told that this “plan” is “aspirational” and is a “vision” or a “dream” for Flagstaff’s future. We’ve been told this does not carry the weight of law. But make no mistake, this plan will be used as a guide to create new law, policy, zoning, etc in the future. That is why it is so important to get involved. Especially with language like this in the plan…

“An important task of this plan is to address where open space should be preserved, regardless of ownership, thus defining where sustainable urban expansion can occur.”


Remember the comments from one week ago of one of Friends of Flagstaff’s Future Board Member and member of the CAC that helped write this plan…

“this is what we want, you can disagree with us and rewrite the plan, but 20 plus people tell you this is what we want collectively”
Eva Putzova
FCubed Board Member. Regional Plan Advisory Committee Member

Some more from the “plan”

As described in Chapter IV –
“allowing appropriate urban development”

Is this what you want? Is this your plan?

2 thoughts on “Our Plan?

  1. When we came to Flag 22 years ago, we met a woman, who run away from her little town in California.. It was 50 thousand when she moved in and gradually became 150 thousand, so this was the time, when she moved to Flag. Also, at this time, many people tried to settle in Flag, but work opportunities were limited and most of them had to go back.

    Right now, this may be true for working folks, but our local Government, contaminated with social programs of large cities tries constantly to attract poor and homeless. They cannot understand, that more such programs we would have, more this kind of people would be attracted and more taxes would had to be collected. And because our industrial resources are limited and raising taxes may be a problem –punishment fares by PMO is an excellent way for money collection, to satisfy appetites of these folks.

    It you have weeds in your backyard, if your house is not painted in time, if you feed an elk — this what is needed in Flagstaff with this PMO. And also, raising city density is a good way for such purpose. And this ideology comes from people, whom we selected to serve us. Can we trust these multiple pages of such city planners?

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