Tune In Tomorrow

Join me tomorrow. I’ll be live on the radio the following times…

7:30AM on FlagMornings
93.5 FM, 930AM, http://www.Country935.com

4:00PM on the Joe Harting Show
105.1FM and online at http://www.bigtalkerradio.com

Looking forward to talking about Flagstaff and Northern Arizona issues, especially the Regional Plan.

One thought on “Tune In Tomorrow

  1. Many of the federal programs for housing in the early 2000’s added to the severity of the housing collapse in 2007. It seems that in order to get more people into home ownership, lending standards were lowered and people who otherwise couldn’t qualify were given loans backed by the fed. I am in the middle of an escrow with a USDA loan. There is a natural gas “woodstove” with a thermostat that is rated to heat up to 1200 sq. ft. Yet the underwriters for USDA insists that baseboard heaters be installed in all the rooms. Now the buyers don’t want them, and the seller doesn’t want to install them. But in order to get the loan they have to play the game. This is a waste of money, energy and time.

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